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bible Download Yoruba bible for your smartphone |

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Hurry to all Yoruba Christian brethren and all the Yoruba language lovers, most especially those who have smartphone or Symbian phones.

This is an opportunity for you to have the Yoruba bible version on your smartphone for free and without any penalty or violation of any norms. Using this app on your smartphone you may need to root your device before this app can effectively work on your smartphone.

Rev. Dr.  Ajayi Crowther a native of Oyo state, osogun local government in Nigeria translated bible from English to Yoruba as far back as 1843 where he compiled it as book which he has been working on far back and was finally published in Niger expedition.
Rev. Dr. Ajayi Crowther Samuel was an Anglican Bishop in Nigeria who also modified English bible to some other Indigenous language in Nigeria, language like Igbo language in 1857 and Nupe language in 1860.
 Rev. Dr Ajayi Crowther Samuel was finally ordained as the fisrt Anglican Bihop in Nigeria in the year 1864 in line with his Doctorate award from Oxford University.
 Thereafter, Rev. Dr Ajayi Crowther begins to monitor the translation of English bible to other languages. You can read more about this translation of English bible to Yoruba bible from  .
Rev. Dr. Ajayi Crowther translated English bible to Yoruba language for easy understands of the people of Yoruba land and other region that have English bible translated to their indigenous language.
Now that the benefit of Yoruba bible cannot be over emphasize, there is a need to have on over smartphone even outside the translated one will have at home and at our different churches.
To download this app, copy and paste this URL “  ” into your phone browser or on your PC and then transfer it to your smartphone via Bluetooth or USB cable.
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