Yoruba Bible Free App Download

Yoruba bible app is one of the best app on my Android and the joy with which I love the Yoruba bible version is I what can’t just quantified with anything other than to accept that I really love reading the Yoruba bible version right on my phone.

As a Yoruba who is nurtured and cultured in Yoruba land, having Yoruba bible app on my device is very important to me than having the English version, in the same-wise, advertising what we have is best way to bring happiness and joy unspeakable to our heart.

Right on this Yoruba bible app I’m about sharing with you, you will have access to all Yoruba Bible verses on the free Yoruba Bible App. You will able to safe any verse or verses of your choice as a bookmark so that you can easily read it later.

Before you can use the app right on your phone,the need to download and install the English version may be demanded but the single fact is that you will be able to use Yoruba Bible app on your Android device.

Another good thing to take note about the app is that the app is not a paid version,in fact it’s total free so no need to fear whether your trial period will soon expire or not.

Yoruba Bible Free App Download 

Here in this post,I’ll share with you two great source where you can easily download Yoruba Bible but of different features and functions.

1. Yoruba Bible Text

This is ultimately the real Yoruba version that can easily translate your English Bible version to Yoruba version with just a single click. As the world is going digital, so also everything we do demand for it. Just like normal digital bible, so no need to bother about going along with your Bile again with this awesome app.

2. Yoruba Bible Audio

This really make the job very easy for you to do. With the audio version, you don’t just need to start reading the Bible yourself, all you need to do is just listen carefully and the app will read to your hearing and you are good to go but this type doesn’t worth using in the church unlike the first one but notwithstanding, it work perfect when you are tired or lying down on the couch.

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