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As at the time of writing this guest post page, adetechblog accept guest post on the following topics:

  • Blogging
  • Blogger
  • Computers
  • Internet marketing
  • Android
  • iPhone,
  • SEO

NOTE: The only official language for guest blogging on adetechblog is ENGLISH LANGUAGE.

It’s however, worth taking note of that there are difference between guest post and sponsor post; guest post are article written by other bloggers,to be published on another bloggers blog to either show-case his/her blogging activities and to gain exposure why sponsor post is an article written on behalf of a company  firm and/or organisation.

If however, the difference between guest post and sponsor post is understood, then the following guideline will get your guest post accepted on adetechblog.

1. This is the most important aspect of this page; you guest post from free from copyscape and plagiarism.

2. Post submitted must be atleast 400 words so as not to be seen as spam by search engine.

3. Only one link can be added to your profile and probably your social media page like, like Google plus, Facebook, Twitter etc.

4. You guest post must be atleast free from too much grammatical error, though nobody is an highland of knowledge.

5. Images speak thousands of words more than a word can do, therefore;please endeavour to use image in your guest post where necessary.

6. We will/may edit your post and you must agree to this.

7. After publishing the post,it becomes ours and must not be found else where.

8. Please do stay tune with your post for couple of days to reply visitors comment to make the post interactive as Google love interactive post

9. Adetechblog have the right to remove any affiliated link and any related post link linking back to your blog.

NOTE: After registration please endeavour to make use of your gravatar.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION:  Please endeavour to share your guest post on your social media page and timeline like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and on site like justretweet, tweetlow,triberr, etc for  author-guest author blog traffic benefit after been published.

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