What are the importance of organic traffic?

oooo What are the importance of organic traffic?

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Blogs and websites owners experiences huge traffic for many reasons on their site which may sometimes vague to other bloggers because they don’t understand how blog traffic source works, although there are two source of traffic which are:

i. Organic traffic source which is our target
ii. Paid traffic source

                                            Now, what the heck is organic traffic?
Organic traffics are the visitor who visits your blog or website through search engine (in a simple language) depending on the blog or site rank in search engine from search result page. Organic traffic is the most preferred traffic source and it worth working for due to the fact that it’s free and the visitor can as well pleased with the information contained in the blog or website.
                   Reason why organic traffic is most and important?
Many website or blog owners or companies discovered that through search engine, the targeted visitor visits their site and bring forth some fortune when compared to paid traffic which may not bring forth any value to their blog or site. There is a better chance that many visitors often meet their target via the search engine, and as a matter of fact, the visitors tend to spend more time looking for other product or information which can be of benefit.
On the other hand, paid traffic only bring forth  visitors to your blog via catchy tittle which will prompt internet searcher to visit your blog or website which may not be of any benefit when their target are not met because they were only invited by catchy title.
                                    How to increase blog or website organic traffici. Pinging: I believe this is one of the easiest and most virtuous ways to make all latest information in your blog or website known to both the search engine and associated social network. The most important purpose of pinging is to inform search engine robots about the latest or recent post or activities going on, on your blog.
ii. Blog comment: One of the best ways to get blog qualitybacklink in through active participation in blog comment. And not only just comment, but a reasonable comment if you want your blog comment to be approved by the blog author
iii. Article submission: Making judicious use of site that accept articles, you can easily have quality of backlink pointing back to your blog or website, and with this method, your blog traffic can easily beincreased making it double major form article submission site.
Finally: It’s very important to have larger percentage of blog or website traffic and/or company traffic from organic source which will definitely put some smile on your cheek because chances are that to increase your earning.
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