Taxi drivers are traffic drivers

Taxi drivers are traffic drivers Taxi drivers are traffic driversTaxi drivers are traffic drivers and it happens in the real sense and also in the blogging world, but the fact is, driving a car is far more than understanding how to handle its stirring, what automate the clutch, turtle and break simultaneously?. Just of recent with the title of our post that talked about; who is a blogger, are bloggers’ farmers? Talking from the real sense, bloggers are indeed chronic farmers because they both possesses the same attribute which seems to be an hiding treasure for most bloggers and without that, blogging will be full of heck and it can turned out to be the most mysterious investment ever ventured into which can lead to quitting the act of blogging. Quit blogging and burry your potential ability in the realm of your innate possession and then, your writing skills in the same vein.

All bloggers love traffic, in fact; the most successful blogger and internet marketer in the world of blogging this day still work immensely to boost its blog traffic so as to double its monthly earning, however, newbies are not left out in this same sense of building quality traffic that will consistently put smile on their faces when they receive their monthly income.

The question of the day that must be answered is “Is taxi driver a traffic driver”? I guess you have to answer this with heart of sincerity else you are likely not to understand what we shall be discussing in this post and that will amount to wasting of time.

How I Finally Learn The Act of Driving!

Mark you, we are discussing about “A taxi driver being a traffic driver”. One faithful morning my brother was called to check on our junk Toyota Corolla (Old model though) and gauges it to check on its workability right in its garage but to my humble surprised I was called to come and do the Job. Guess what will happen if you were to be in my shoe this fateful day, I was so excited and I rush down to the car to carry out the assignment but to my surprise when I tried to ignites the car, I almost break the wall (lol) and immediately my brother came in and instructed me how to go by it. You know, when such assignment is been given unto you, make sure it’s already in neutral before you make an attempt to ignite it or press on the clutch before that if you cannot afford to drawback your gear stroke to it neutral position says my brother and I did it the way he instructed gladly and that was the end.

But, there is always more to greasing your elbow where there is a lot of completion, come the next day for me to wash the cash, I spent more than 30 minutes covering 300m and I was made a laughing stock this fateful day but it’s doesn’t bugged me because I really want to learnt it but with time today, I can drive miles with confident and without any instruction from my first tutor not to talk of my friends.

Am encountering these enigmas because I don’t want to go to driving school and not because I don’t really loved to be trained by an expert but what do you think about the amount to be charged? No penny is too small to make your pocket a worthwhile one if really a drop of water starts an ocean.

What am I driving at? That is your question right? Anyway, don’t be too judgemental because you will be convinced presently.

How Car Drivers Are Traffic Drivers

Like I said earlier that learning the act of driving is not that difficult but over time you will definitely become perfect on the go. Now come to think of what you can do to build quality traffic to your blog. All bloggers discussed quality content and quality backlinks as the best way to get traffic most and ranked high on search engine, but despite the fact that all these saying were been executed, yet, it is all to no avail. You are surprised that your traffic doesn’t spikes despite the massive blog commenting, guest blogging, and forum participation right? You just got me laughing because you may end up saying no to blogging because your mentality will affect both your conscious and subconscious mind.

If you can single-handedly incur in this blog comment why pro-bloggers build their list always without the intention of booming both their traffic and earning I will be satisfied. Can you? I guess the responds is capital “NO” and this is to tell you they carry-out what is necessary always.

Why You Are Not Getting Your Desirable Traffic Always?

The truth is better, it is true that you read, comment and even vow that you will carry out all what a blog author has instructed you to do in order to boost your blog traffic but DO YOU DO THEM CONSISTENTLY?  Don’t expect fortune where it’s not planted, you can’t hit the jackpot of blog traffic without constant practise. I wondered why bloggers like Neil, Chow, Brian, and Matt do contact their subscribers on either daily or weekly or monthly basis. Isn’t to increase their traffic? But newbies are found of publishing tons of articles without doing what is should be done at the right time and what is that should be done? You asked right? Since you can’t pay an expert to do the Job of SEO for you to properly optimize your blog and you can’t, in the same vein advertise your blog on an established blog or forum to building your exposure and direct traffic, then you should be able to do what works for me.

  1. Read with full concentration: The single reason why you have to read is for you to understand what the content of the post is talking about and not for you to proofread like the post author does. Many visited your blog just for the sake of leaving a spam comment in the name of backlink. See, your scrape comment doesn’t count if you don’t contribute a quota to what the author has said either to buttress his/her point or to add something reasonable. The number of blog you visited per day doesn’t determine your success in blogging world but the benefits that you derived from it matters a lot in order to boost your blogging ministration.
  2. Take action: Action is louder than voice and empty vessel makes the loudest sound. You don’t need to tell people that you are doing it because there will definitely be changes. It’s true that your blog traffic cannot be categorically speaks of by other blogger who don’t have access to your blog dashboard and probably your Google analytic account to know more about your blog traffic but have you heard about my Alexa law of blog traffic?

Alexa law of blog traffic: Adesanmi Adedotun Alexa laws of traffic state that, the interaction of your blog readers and the number of page views either they use any browser that supported Alexa tool bar or not is directly proportional to your blog Alexa rank.

Many internet marketers wouldn’t care to ask about your blog traffic but they will bring out their conclusion right from your blog Alexa rank. Try to execute what you read on how to double your blog traffic and earnest carry them out for at least a week to see the differences between your previous traffic and the current one as well as the source.

  1. Massive promotion: It is very important to publish consistently but it is most importantly to promote your update like mad, new day, new style. There are many bloggers who published four times per month yet their traffic is more reasonable than those that publish every day, WHY? Keyword right? You guess wrong, it’s true that keywords contributed its own quota to getting great exposure on search engine, most especially when targeting first page on Google search engine but what about sharing it on social network, social network group, fan page, blogging communities like blog engage, inbound, bizsugar, klinkk, thesocialwriters, etcetera, social bookmarking site like reddit, stumbleupon, dig etcetera. All these means also speak of good traffic when properly handled.

Conclusively, blog traffic is gradual and it doesn’t come overnight. To some, it takes quarter year, to some half year and while to some, it takes more than a year. Don’t be discourage about fake testimonies, be yourself and follow the steps of instructor to push out what works for you and make your blog traffic spike and at the same time, pull what doesn’t work to your junk…

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Adesanmi Adedotun is a part-time blogger who lives in Nigeria and Nigerian by birth, a chronic Mathematician as a profession. Am a typical fan of 9ice (Adigun Alapomeji) when it comes to Nigerian traditional singers. You can add me on Facebook . You can follow my UPDATE on Facebook | Twitter and on Google plus


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  1. Jan 18. 2014


    Great points mentioned above, Well I guess you’ve shared absolute insights of traffic and traffic drivers. Though consistency is really important to achieve some good outcome.
    Samir recently posted…My Profile

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  2. Jan 23. 2014

    Hello Ade,

    Your example cracked me up…turned out we both had quite scary initial driving experiences. But trust me, we are great drivers now, aren’t we?

    So is it with blogging. The key why we have managed to emerge great drivers today is because we had consistently driven cars, actually with the intention of perfecting the driving act.

    So with blogging. There is no blogger that would blog consistently for an extended time that would not record success!

    Thanks for sharing with the world…your writing really inspires!

    Akaahan Terungwa recently posted…My Profile

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  3. Feb 11. 2014

    Here everything has been described in systematic manner

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  4. Feb 11. 2014

    Here everything has been described in systematic manner so that reader could get maximum information and learn many things.

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  5. Feb 11. 2014

    This is one of the best blogs I have read.

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  6. Feb 12. 2014

    This blog is highly informatics, crisp and clear.That is really good view..

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