7 tricks to reduce blog loading time

Blog loading time is one of the most important factor in blog SEO, reducing blog bounce rate, and attracting visitors to our blog, it is however compulsory for all blogger to monitor their blog loading time properly. Blog loading time is an important factor every active blogger should take note as … [Read more...]

Time poverty

Time is all about what we do, but time poverty kills what we do and what we do control us without proper management of our time. So say an adage "Time and tides wait for nobody". Sometimes ago, in one of the blogs I served as a guest author I published a post why blogging can be chosen as a full … [Read more...]

Setup your own blog in 18 minutes

K, I am not going to start straight away because I know you have some questions for me in your mind. Like those stunning CSS code, simple HTML, what blog widget is all about, YES! I know you may encounter some problems and need help, right? But let me tell you, if you really need a good looking blog … [Read more...]