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Tecno Phantom D, Specification and Price in Nigeria

Tecno Phantom Pad II is an Android 4.2,7.8 IPS touch screen phone with a powerful dual core processor of 1.3G. The new Tecno Phantom Pad II is an upgrade of the previous Tecno Phantom PAD with a slim metal body and slim design which makes it better than Tecno Phantom Pad . The new Tecno Phantom Pad … [Read more...]

List of Tecno Phones Android from Tecno Mobile

Listing all Tecno Phones can be time consuming and one may not be able to gather together the actual number of Tecno phones and names which you will believe with me that list of Tecno phones is really out-numbered since Tecno mobile started producing mobile phones and they are revamping their … [Read more...]

How to Activate Tecno R7 Advance Power Saving Mode

The Tecno R7 Advanced Power Saving Mode Feature and its impressive battery capacity of 2430 mAh makes you have so much time to do so much more with your phone. Tecno R7 is in fact the best Tecno Phone. This Tecno mobile R7 is in fact a long awaited Tecno D7 upgrade with awsome features like 2GB RAM … [Read more...]

Tecno P3 Features and Full Specifications with Analysis

Tecno P3 is one of the cheapest Tecno android phones with fantastic and customer desiring features. Tecno P3 spec and Tecno p3 features is more or less an upgrade of Tecno N3 with almost similar features and specification, Tecno P3 is more or less the best 3G Smartphone in the world of Tecno mobile … [Read more...]

Tecno L3 Key Features and Specification

Tecno has done it again with Tecno L3. Tecno L3 is another powerful android phone from Tecno mobile company. Smartphone users laid their hand on some of Tecno android products like D3, P3, and Q1 and they give kudos to Tecno mobile company with such as amazing products and here comes again another … [Read more...]

Tecno P5 Key Features and Trusted Review

Tecno P5 is one of the best Tecno phone products now in the world of mobile with some great quality features that places it above all other Tecno products which are Tecno P5 predecessors. Not quite long a street brother just bought his own Tecno P5 and I was convinced that it’s one of the best Tecno … [Read more...]

Tecno Phantom A Plus Features and Specification

Tecno mobile brand is at it again with their supernatural mobile product (Tecno phantom A phone), out of the entire Tecno brand, both the android type and non-android type, Tecno Phantom A plus is one of the best with high demand in the mobile world. Tecno phantom A plus has a round shape edge that … [Read more...]

Compare Tecno S7 and Tecno S9 Together

Tecno being the best mobile product that brings the best to Android user is indeed a worth using mobile phone for all mobile users with cheap price all over the world. The recent Tecno mobile brand, Tecno S7 and Tecno S9 are bit similar but there exist a bit different between the two mobile, however … [Read more...]