Top tips to hit free traffic

The best thing in life is not often free, and this is applicable in getting quality traffic to our blog. The best and most quality traffic bloggers needs are the traffic that increases our earning online and this can be seen as target traffic or visitors. The fact is not far fetch that getting free … [Read more...]

6 traffic source for new blog

Years before I started my first blog, I have been hearing about blog SEO as the primary focus of every successful bloggers, if really a quality and reasonable traffic is a must before time, but to my surprise one can even generate huge traffic without understanding the way of blog SEO this day. … [Read more...]

How to increase blog traffic without SEO

In one of my guest post, I discussed about how to integrateSEO with social network to generate huge traffic outside the knowledge and understanding of SEO, and now we are comparing the two best of generate huge traffic, which is SEO and social network. Despite the fact that, both blogger newbie and … [Read more...]