Blogging is full of negative experience

Blogging is full of negative experience for newbies, YES / NO? Life is a stage that is full of challenges, ups and downs, smooth and sloppy, slow and steady, joy and happiness; blogging can be frustrated at times for newbies most especially, base on their negative experiences or what their … [Read more...]

One reason why I will stop visiting your blog

This headline may sound funny, ridiculous, bragging, and somehow foolish but what saying is a blatant fact that all bloggers knows, and we do pretend as if it's nothing but to be sincere, something is hidden in nothing if you scrutinize the nothing properly. … [Read more...]

Guest post vs. comment backlink

Building quality backlinkĀ  and concrete reputation in blogosphere is not easy as bloggers do think of the early hour of blogging carer and to bring this into fulfilment some quality ways to successful blog backlink must be given trial and error attention to know which and which is the best way of … [Read more...]