Setting up a blog or sustaining it, which one is more difficult?

The easiest online journal everybody moves into this day is blogging, both the professional webmasters and newbies make use of blog to advertise their product and make more sales. Many bloggers believed blogging for money is a trash and really it’s because money is the root of all evil but blogging … [Read more...]

Time poverty

Time is all about what we do, but time poverty kills what we do and what we do control us without proper management of our time. So say an adage "Time and tides wait for nobody". Sometimes ago, in one of the blogs I served as a guest author I published a post why blogging can be chosen as a full … [Read more...]

ABC theory of blog motivation

Blogging without motivation will end up with tragedy and will bring about the determination to quit blogging. The ABC theory of blog motivation is a very powerful tool that needs to be understood, how it works, what it works for, and how it can be of help in our blogging career so that blogging will … [Read more...]

Top tips to hit free traffic

The best thing in life is not often free, and this is applicable in getting quality traffic to our blog. The best and most quality traffic bloggers needs are the traffic that increases our earning online and this can be seen as target traffic or visitors. The fact is not far fetch that getting free … [Read more...]

How to promote your blog post while you are busy

After writing your blog killer /quality article/post, you will expect your readers to read through after you have published the post and welcome their contributions in the comment section which all bloggers believed to be one of blogging success (High numbers of comment). … [Read more...]

Setup your own blog in 18 minutes

K, I am not going to start straight away because I know you have some questions for me in your mind. Like those stunning CSS code, simple HTML, what blog widget is all about, YES! I know you may encounter some problems and need help, right? But let me tell you, if you really need a good looking blog … [Read more...]