5 Don’t of blog traffic

Blog traffic is our general problem as a blogger and that is the more reason almost all bloggers write about how to increase blog traffic always so as to help those who find it difficult to drive quality traffic to their blogs either from social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and search … [Read more...]

5 Dos of blog traffic

Many bloggers quit not because of any other thing except quality traffic, either from search engine of refer traffic; there is no other reason that bloggers can really prove why they stop blogging if not for traffic, some don't give a damn of whether they monetize their blogs or not with Google … [Read more...]

Changing is inevitable as a blogger

One of the most critical issue bloggers faces in blog-o-sphere is dealing with changes as a subject of control when there are lapses in our blogging career. Most of difficulties and unhappiness bloggers encountered came into existence as a result of our inability to control most of the things that … [Read more...]

Blogging is full of negative experience

Blogging is full of negative experience for newbies, YES / NO? Life is a stage that is full of challenges, ups and downs, smooth and sloppy, slow and steady, joy and happiness; blogging can be frustrated at times for newbies most especially, base on their negative experiences or what their … [Read more...]

My blog traffic and SEO strategy

The most effective and worthwhile method of communication is by writing and publishing either in online journal (blog) or offline like newspaper, magazine and some other means of disseminating information. Blogging can be view as such; as just decide on a niche that one can handle properly and make … [Read more...]

All about getting traffic to your blog

If you have been into blogging for a while now, it is likely you understand and remember the then old blog or internet marketing trafficsource and exchange such as exchanging blog banner. But the rate in which things are changing on the internet is like speed at which the light travels. If you have … [Read more...]