Startimes Decoder Price and Monthly Subscriptions in Nigeria

We earlier discussed how to renew Startimes subscription using ATM card/QuickTeller app right at the comfort of your home and today, we shall talk about Startimes decoder price, and Startimes monthly subscription. So stay tune as we journeyed to the world of Startimes decoder price and Startimes monthly subscription. When talking about cheap digital TV in Nigeria, I think Startimes come at the very right time and can be the only one to talk about as at this time. Some blatant facts which are crystal clear about Startimes is that; it’s a direct to home Pay TV by Nigerian Television Authority (NTA).  Startimes by NTA provide all subscribers with the minimal cost they can all afford. There are more than enough reasons why you will need to go for Startimes some of which are;

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1. You don’t need to be a dish installation expert before you can install your startimes

2. No special installation skill require

3. No special knowledge required from your end, all you need to do is plug-in your Startimes to your TV

4.  Startimes price are damn very affordable to all subscriber.

Where Can I Purchase Startimes Decoder in Nigeria?

You can get your Startimes decoder throughout the whole state in the federation. Startimes has covered 70% of Nigeria most populous cities include Lagos, Port Harcourt, Ibadan, Akure, Enugu, Uyo, Jos, Kano etc. So, you just go out there and visit the nearest Startimes office in your location to get your decoder.

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Startimes Decoder Price at Present

As at the time of writing this post, Startimes decoder is priced as follows. Note that, they are different from one another. The Unique bouquet is different from Classical bouquet so also is the misc.

Before you decide which one to buy, you need to first check how to renew your subscription using your account ATM card/Quickteller app.

1. The first decoder I will talk about is the UNIQUE BOUQUET which cost N5900 with one free month subscription starting from the moment you connect your decoder to your TV.

2. The second on is Classical Bouquet which cost N4900 with one month free subscription as well starting from the day your connect your Startimes decoder to your TV.

3. The third one goes with antenna and 10mb cable which cost N2000 with no free subscription attached.

Startimes Monthly Subscription

Startimes has three different subscriptions which depend on what you can afford per subscriptions and they are as follows. Also note that the number of channels you will have access to depend on your subscriptions but the least is 35 channels while the maximum is 70 channels.

1. Basic Bouquet Plan:  This is the list monthly subscription which cost N1000 and offers 35+ channels.

2. Classic Bouquet Plan: This subscription goes for N2000 with 55+ amazing channel and is in fact better than the first plan.

3. Unique Bouquet: This is the father of all the subscription plans where you will have access to all channels on Startimes decoder and the price rate goes for N3000.

The Startimes channels are just better than local channels, just go out and get you startimes from Startimes Ng dealers community or visit their nearest officie around you

If you cannot afford to replace your local TV with DSTv decoder, I think Startimes decoder is a better alternative which you can tryout, most importantly its own by own local television (NTA).

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