Get To Know About Skype Standalone App For Disappearing Video Messages

Skype launched a new app called Skype standalone app for disappearing video messages in order to start increasing the popularity of both video-centric messages and photos with the new skype app called standalone purposely for disappearing video messages. I really think that is awesome and a quick alternative for Skype Qik app.

The new Skype standalone app does not require Skype account to use unlike the Skype Qik app whose deal is just for a limited time to bring about unprepared video conversations between friends or group and it was purposely launched to run alongside skype.

Ages are the day when Skype started with only Desktop for video conversations between friends from different regions/country, for business deal, for video lecturing or guide if not on YouTube, for live/ one-on-one conversations between friend or group but with the recent technological change, everything is just going on mobility platform and so also is happening on Skype.

Larger percentage of Skype user are on mobile and to fine-tune Skype users connectivity, then the new Skype standalone app is right on time which is also a way to help users get connected in the absence of Skype call, just as a helping hand for Skype Qik app!

To start using Skype standalone app, user will only need to confirm their mobile number which they use during the creation of their account. And thereafter, a group of user can start a group chats with tens of hundred of participant and with the help of Skype standalone app, member of such group can record a short video and send it to the whole member as a group message or send it to friend one after the other.

User can record video to be shared with the group or friends up to 42 seconds in length and after two weeks, the video will be automatically deleted from the group thread and in the same wise, individual group participant can delete their own video before two weeks otherwise it’ll be auto-deleted.

Using Skype Qik app on iOS and Android, user can pre-record 5- seconds video worth of length called Qik Fliks as a quick way of responding to messages. Qik Fliks is not yet on Windows despite that Qik app is live on Windows but hopefully, it would be added later in upcoming Skype update.

What can you say about Skype standalone app for disappearing video messages? Have you started using it?

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