4 Simplest tricks to manage your blog

Writing your blog post, getting your desire traffic and outreach or exposure from it are two parallel lines which cannot meet/coincide. Writing blog post really need second thought and quality research must be made first before talking or thinking about blog promotion strategies. I don’t personally … [Read more...]

How to promote your blog post while you are busy

After writing your blog killer /quality article/post, you will expect your readers to read through after you have published the post and welcome their contributions in the comment section which all bloggers believed to be one of blogging success (High numbers of comment). … [Read more...]

My blog traffic and SEO strategy

The most effective and worthwhile method of communication is by writing and publishing either in online journal (blog) or offline like newspaper, magazine and some other means of disseminating information. Blogging can be view as such; as just decide on a niche that one can handle properly and make … [Read more...]

Make yourself an idol instead of an idle

Being successful as a professional in Search engine optimization is not really an easy task, it is very wise and important that you constantly carry out a research on how blog SEO works. Before making any attempt to test any discovered SEO techniques, research must be carried out on it to see … [Read more...]

Blog and blog content vs blog traffic

Blogging is really a fun but not for a start if the truth must be revealed, but let say from observation and experience.  The first six month of many blog, traffic is the greatest barrier, a blog with quality content and catchy title may not reach more than 800 - 1000 visitors per day with serious … [Read more...]

Tips on how to make your blog more popular

Blogging is getting it ways this day, becoming more famous day-in day-out; it's gradually a professional job many people venture into online with the aim of making reasonable income from it. Building a successful blog that brings money that pay somebill really need quality traffic from a reasonable … [Read more...]