How to send anonymous and fake SMS

Talking about teasing and playing on ones intelligent, sending an anonymous SMS can be a very lucrative and recommended way. This is just like playing prank and gives someone a headache on what is really nothing. Although there are countless number of websites that offer free SMS and let users customize their SMS. Should the word anonymous SMS appear vague to you, I will explain what it really means from my end. Anonymousity is just nothing to talking about but can be seen from the view of hiding ones identity using unrevealed trick that is best known to you. With anonymous SMS you can make your SMS carries the mark of originality and you can always use it to play on your friends intelligent and it’s more or less playing prank with someone. The service is for your own benefit and it should not in any way use to harm people friends, family, colleagues and probably your mate.

Another crucial benefit you can derive from using this amazing service is sending SMS without your mobile number or showing any sign of personal identification. For instance, you can use this service to send SMS to your friends without revealing your true self or to your old fiancé or girlfriend but to play safe; do not use this service to harm anybody whatsoever but to play prank with the receivers. This service comes your way now and it might never be so do bookmark the website for future use.

I will sincerely advice you to bookmark this website once you are there, for you to easily have access to the website so as to be able to play prank with your friends whenever you feel like. Do note that the number of SMS you can send per day has a limitation but notwithstanding its good enough to play around with your friend and chances are that for individual website to vary theirs.

Below website allow you to send free anonymous and fake SMS to your friends and family.

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