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Friday, June 14, 2013

How to block incoming calls on iOS smartphone

The rate of development, and level of upgrading  iOS  to function with some iOS 7 app by  Cupertino company is really amazing, cannot be shun off and let good off without acknowledging the fact that they are doing it even with the notion of introducing iPhone S5  came in, in addition to the two previous colour making it three. And now again with an awesome feature which allows you to block any unwanted incoming  calls on your iPhone.

How often do want to block any or unwanted incoming calls on your smartphone, iOS to be precise? Many times we gat pissed off when
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iPhone 5S to be available in gold colour

Currently, iOS smartphone only available in two different colours which are: white and black, and with this two colour, some people get pissed off, OR let say, if these two colours pissed you off, you will be more happy to have the iOS smartphone in a new colour that pleases and gladden your heart apart from the existing colours and at the same time attract attention.
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