Root Tecno R7 Following Simple Steps Without Computer

If you own a Tecno R7 or you planning to buy one soonest, then you will have to learn how root Tecno R7. To root Tecno R7 is very simple and straight forward but you need to know the implication of rooting Tecno R7 both advantages and disadvantages. When you root Tecno R7 which I believe you own yourself, then the 12-month warranty on the device is not longer valid and if got bricked during the process of rooting it, you are on your own which I believe the chance of getting your Tecno R7 bricked is very narrowed.

Recently, I give details of why you should buy Tecno R7, where will discussed Tecno R7 in details and everything you need to know about the device. Just take a look at Tecno R7 overview below!

Before you learn how to root Tecno R7, below is an overview of Tecno R7

Despite the fact that Tecno R7 is currently the latest Tecno Mobile in Nigeria, it is very cheap, fashionable, stylised, good looking and a demanding Tecno mobile for all Android lovers if I must tell you, Tecno R7 configuration is what you can’t just afford to miss in this Tecno mobile… Read Full Article.

How to Root Tecno R7 in Just Six Steps

If you are planning to root your Tecno R7, I must congratulate you that you are right on the right path because with this tutorial you will be able to root your Tecno R7 in just few steps which is tested and trusted using Tecno R7 (our targeting device) itself.

  1. Visit and download the application to your phone (Zip format)
  2. Unzip the downloaded app on your device and click on the “APK” file
  3. Open the Frameroot on your device (unzipped)
  4. From the opened Frameroot, select “Barahir” out of the list that displayed
  5. In a jiffy, you will receive a notification that SuperUser and Su-Binary have been successfully installed (Automatically)
  6. Then click on “OK”

7. Finally, restart your device and you are good to go!

Congratulations, now that you have read and learn how to root Tecno R7, go ahead and root your own tecno R7 and share your experience with Adetechblog readers.


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