How to Root New HTC One M8

Chances are that for you to have deepen your hand into your pocket to purchased the new HTC One M8, in order to stay in vogue in the mobile world but to fully enjoy the new HTC One, the need to root your HTC One M8 is of great importance.

In my previous post, I discussed everything thing you need to know about Android device, reasons why you need to root your Android phone, List of Android phone you can buy as well as how to root your Android phone.

Rooting HTC One M8 with the previous method of rooting Android device that I shared earlier on Adetechblog doesn’t not work for HTC One latest M8 as Verizon seems not allow the new HTC One M8 bootloader to be unlocked. Nevertheless, despite the fact that Verizon does not want to allow unlocking bootloader, but with WeakSuace, a handy HTC One M8 root app by XDA recognized developers, you can root your new HTC One M8.

How to Root New HTC One M8

Step1: Visit XDA forum developer site to download and install the app on your new HTC One (M8)

Step2: Launch WeakSuace on your device

Step3: Permit the app to access your new HTC One (M8) when prompt for permission and accept the app terms and condition.

Step3: Click the root button and wait for some seconds.

Step4: Visit Google play store on your device to download and install

Step5: What next? Your HTC One (M8) has been rooted

NOTE: WeakSuace does not permanently root your HTC  M8 when runs rather its auto-require your permission to root your phone whenever you restart or reboot your phone and it may take some minutes before the rooting can be completely done. However, when rooting is done, there will be an indication that your HTC One M8 has been successfully rooted and you are good to go.

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