Root Any Android Phone With Simple Steps!

To root any Android phone is very easy and simple when you follow the right steps to root your phone. I have written quite a number of articles on how to root Android phone include how to Root HTC One M8 and how to root Tecno R7 but I discover these two method could not be used to Root my same HCT One V and the new Nokia XL from Microsoft, however with this method, you will be able to root any Android phone including Nokia XL and HTC One V. The more reason why you need to root your Android phone is to be able to bypass the limitation of your Android manufacturers so that you can perform more function on your Android than necessary. With this method, you will be able to root Android phone like Celkon A9+, Ophone SPRD Iris 350, Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8.19150, Galaxy Grand Duos, and Samsung Galaxy grand GT-19082, HTC One V, Nokia XL and many more Android devices.

Before you Root any Android phone, try to verify whether it has been rooted or not using app so that you will not waste your time rooting it again! In this tutorial, you will learn how to root Android phone using Vroot which I called one in all root App. Vroot is not a mobile app rather a Windows app that let your root your Android phone by just connecting your Phone to your PC via USB cable and in this article you will learn how to use Vroot to root any Android phone.

How to Root Any Android Phone Using Vroot

Step1: The first is you have to do is to enable debugging in your Android and you can follow the direction below to have that done. Drag down setting menu, click on settings, click on developer options, click on debugging and mark the enable option.


Step2: Download  to your PC and install the app on your PC.

Step3: Once installed, launch the app, and then connect your phone aftermath.

Step4: Vroot will auto-detect your connected phone upon successful connection and the app will start to verify your connected device.

Step5: To start rooting your Android, click on root button.

Step6: Upon successful rooting of your device, a congratulatory message will displayed and Vroot will prompt to reboot your device automatically. Afterward, click on complete!

Step7: To verify whether you Android phone is successfully rooted, just go to your Android menu page and find a newly installed app; if you were able to find SuperUser, then you are good to go and your device has been successful root.


Step8: Now, click on SuperUser, and at the top of the screen, you will see SuperUser (rooted) and you are good to go. If you have any complain or difficulties drop your comment.

Can you see that how to root Android phone is very easy and simple? No go ahead and root any Android phone of your choice

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