What is Rapidleech? A Quick Guide

If you are searching for a downloading files from a blocked sites, Rapidleech is the ultimate way and best solution for you. As a quick guide on Rapidleech, I’m going to share with you a very crucial, and less technology on the internet yet very power this day.

The technology I’m talking about is not that famous and only ten out of hundred people know about. But for the purpose of this post, we shall take a quick look on it and how it works with much ado!

What is Rapidleech?

Just as the name sounds, Rapidleech is a script name, php script to be precise which supports and helps inĀ leeching files. Rapidleech can be simply put as a software that helps in implementing a technology which is known as leeching. Rapidleeching seems to combined the word Rapid and Leeching together, so let take a look at what leeching is itself.

What is Leeching?

Leeching is simply the process where a while is copied from one server to another. Can be simply put as server to server file copy technology. Take for instance; Adetechblog.com is hosted on Arvixe server or you are using free server like Rapidshare, Megaupload I can now use those server to download my files from my hosting company to my local machine. And now you mind started bubbling that why can’t you download directly from those servers instead of Rapidleech.

Why Rapidleech is Better For Download Files From Servers

1. Site hosting like Rapidshare.com is blocked

2. There is often a download limit set in college or University if you are using their internet services. That is; you may not be able to download more than 100MB sometimes

3. Some sites delay while downloading but Rapidleech doesn’t. Such as when downloading from Rapidshare, you are likely to see “Your download start in the next 5 minutes”.

However, to bypass all these limitation, Rapidleech is the only surviving way and can be used in two ways ()

1. By Installing Rapidleech directly on your web server.

2. By using Rapidleech free servers or going for premium servers which you can use at anytime.

One good thing about Rapidleech is that, once your file is downloaded to Rapidleech, you can compress it to save you some MB/GB using RAR.

Aside that, there are other advantages of leeching such as server to server transfer which take place at almost the speed of light. Rapidleech server are not not blocked by most powerful firewall and if they are, it will be very limited. Firewall find it very difficult to differentiate Rapidleech form other non blocked sites and that sounds great. With Rapidleech, you can download files virtually from all websites without delay.

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  1. Hello Adesanmi,

    You have done an excellent job on covering what exactly Rapidleech is and how effective it is to use. Although I haven’t heard about it, you explained it well.

    When it comes to technology, I must say I get a bit confused. But here, you made it so user friendly to read, I thank you!



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