Ramadan Kareem Most Valuable Android Apps

Firstly, let me say Ramadan greetings to all our Muslim brothers and happy Ramadan Kareem to our Muslim brethren who wholeheartedly exercise this Ramadan Kareem period in love, peace, harmony, friendship, joy, fasting, and with faith in Mohammad. During this Ramadan period we should be able to make things very easy for our Muslim brethren and that is the more reason why we recommend this Ramadan app for them to download during this Ramadan period, download most valuable apps to your Android phone so that things could be so easy for the more than necessary with Ramadan Kareem messages.

What Does Ramadan Kareem Mean?

Those wishing to be polite to someone who is fasting for Ramadan may greet them with Ramadan Mubarak or Ramadan Kareem, which mean have a Blessed or Generous Ramadan. Simply put that Ramadan Kareem is the way we do greet the Muslim brethren during their fasting which often take place in the month of August.

The month of Ramadan is the month where Muslim brethren move closer to God with fasting and prayer. Checking through Google Play Store and other app stores, there are numerous Ramadan Kareem apps but here in this article, I’m sharing with your the most unavoidable Ramadan Kareem app for your Android .

Most Valuable Ramadan Kareem Apps for Android Users

1. : Hadith of The Day app bring you the latest Hadith, inspirational Ayahs, and heart wearing Duas in a unique, chronological, carefully selected and categorised way of your own personal interest.

Hadith of the day app has almost everything you could think of like when you are feeling on top of the world, feeling blessed and thankful to Almighty Allah, when you feel helpless, this app is right there to bring things back to normal as a devoted Muslim who believe in the word of Almighty Allah.

2. iQuran:  iQuran is a paid Ramada app which give you access to full Quran on your Smartphone with both English and Arabic translation at the same time. With iQuran, you will have access to verse by verse audio playback and bookmarked any favourite audio recitation.

3. :  iPray app is another ultimate and must have app for all Muslim. iPray get you accurate prayer time and Qibla direction, independent of your location with user friendly interface. You can customize iPray app to work the way you like.

4.: Reading Duas during this Ramadan is very essential as a devoted Muslim brethren and with Ramadan Duas app, you will be left with series of Duas you can easily read and share with your love ones via Email/SMS with just a single click.

Happy Ramadan Kareem to all Muslim Brethren

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