How Do You Protect Your Privacy On Android?

By | September 30, 2014

How do you protect your privacy on Android? You own an Android Smartphone right but how do you protect your privacy and what are the security measure you take to make sure your privacy is fully secured? One necessary measure to take on Android is the security measure but how do you go about protecting your privacy?

Taking a close look on Android, it’s rolling to the top in mobile world and as time goes on, lager percentage of the world mobile user populace comes from Android and in that wise, Android privacy should be your topmost concern as a user.

If you want to be different, you should be able to do things differently, and the form Technology is moving the world into, you may need to pay more attention on your Android privacy settings. In order not to get your privacy infringe, definitely it must be protected by following the right channel.

Protecting your privacy on Android takes diverse of ways which may, and may not know before now; there are numerous Android privacy app that can help protect your privacy right on your Android and or following Android privacy settings, you can still place some limits on your device usage and as well as protecting your privacy.

The way technology is getting things going; mobile may end up taking the place of your note book, wallet, etc. Right on your mobile you can do virtually everything you have the same right to do in the world of physical like transferring money from your account from one bank account to another without even getting close to a bank door step, you can buy items online and have it shipped right to your door step. You need not to carry exercise book all along again, all you need is your mobile and you are good to go.

Having all these on your device such as Android Smartphone without a means of securing your privacy might ends up giving people the access you don’t grant them and beforehand, all your privacy would be revealed.

In this wise, I’m going to share with you few default steps you can take to secure your Android privacy in order to keep what is to be secret secretive and what is mean for the public available as well.

Few Ways You Can Use To Protect Your Privacy On Android.

Protecting your privacy on Android can be done with the help of App but to keep your device activities to the minimal level you ever dreamt off, below are the default means you can follow to protect your Android privacy.

  1. Keypad Auto lock
  2. Android security pattern lock
  3. Password your memory card
  4. Move secret files away from public folder

The above default security measure will be discuss in few line below since there is no much about them yet they are all valid ways to protect your Android privacy.

1. Keypad Auto locks

This is the commonest means most people use, both on Smartphone and on non-smart-devices and that is to invariably tell you that it works to some extent. Using keypad auto lock will be the first security measure to follow to prevent un-authorised access to your device. The auto lock settings can be set to certain amount of minutes, and hours depending on your needs.

2. Android Security Pattern Lock

This method is very common to those that use Android. Some don’t really use it as a security measure rather they use to only bring into fulfilment the use of the device pattern or probably they see some people using it and they too took the bold step to start using Android security pattern. Nothing is implausible, since it a way to place limit to the way people access your device directly, then it’s wise to make use of pattern to secure your Android privacy.

3. Protect Your Memory Card

This can be tempting many at time but it’s proper to make the move if you have what to secure on your Android. Like I use to do, after my SIM card, my memory card is the next valuable gadget I don’t take chances with it. You can password it but, taking into account what pin you use to password it will only grant you access otherwise, it might complicate the issue of accessing your files when needed

4. Move secret files away from public folder

With the help of x-plore, you can do more than enough with your document on your Android. Take for instance you receive a document via Bluetooth, you can just endeavour to move it away from you Bluetooth folder or Bluetooth download folder to a self created folder or to another folder which does not necessarily be the name of the document but just to disguise what is contained in the folder and there you are to save guide your privacy.

Protecting your Privacy on Android should be your top most priority and the question is how do you protect your privacy on Android?

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