Power Bank For Phone The GodSent Alternative Phone Charger

Portable power bank for phone is a God sent phone charger alternative to give your Smart devices a quick, tested and trusted alternative source of power supply when there is power outage or when your device is running out of battery. The Power bank for phone as alternative source of power supply for Smart device such as Tablet, Android, iOS and Windows devices cannot be over estimated.

If you have ever cared about getting your phone on always , you definitely need to get power bank for phone as a suitable means instead of using plant to power your device. There are different power bank for phones depending on your phone brand. Power bank for phone is one of the greatest invention ever that I have ever come across.

If you ever care about travelling with just few luggage, then this is best choice you could ever make. With this, you don’t need to travel around with double cell battery or going along with your device charger but with power bank, you just add more value to your standard and it’s a big sign to show case the type of device your are currently using.

This portable device is often referred to as USB power bank portable charger. If at this juncture, you need the best power bank for phone of your choice, just stick to this post. I will show the best power bank you can buy with any regret.

The is built on the platform of making things very easy for Smart device users. If you have being using Smartphone for a while, you will understand that most of the device battery life easily get drained most especially when playing games and when performing multi-task at a time.

There are various types of power banks with different configuration and capacities, however, for the purpose of this post we shall consider some important factors to consider before buying a power bank. But note that choice the best power bank depend on your personal requirement and how much you budget for it.

1. Capacity

The first attribute of power bank to consider before buying one is it capacity which is measure in mAH (milli Ampere Hour). The simple fact is that you cannot exactly calculate the number of hours a power bank can charge but the rule of thumb is that the higher the mAH the more the capacity.

By calculation, if you have a phone with 1200mAH battery, under normal circumstance a power bank with 1200mAH capacity should be able to charge it once. And moreso, when you buy any power bank, make sure the portable device can charge the required device otherwise, it may leads to money lost.

2. USB Charging

When buying this portable device, go for the one that has in-built USB charging capability as most of the first model does not possess this feature. Some of this old power bank has a separate cable which you have to take alongside whenever you are opting out for another location instead of using the in built USB charging capacity.

Otherwise you will not be able to charge your phone with this device if you mistakenly lost it or left it at home. But with the new power bank feature, once you are done with charging your device, you can easily fold it into the main device.

So, when next you want to charge your phone with your power bank for phone, you will only need to unfold it from the device. Outside the fact that capacity of your portable device is very important, another factor to consider is the price. Quantity does not mean quality so going for a cheap power bank or a refurbished one may not do you any good rather an evergreen harm

3. Mobile/Portability

The more reason why you choose to buy power bank is not just to charge your phone alone but because it’s mobile and handy. For the fact that it’s very handy and mobile to every human sense,it’s worth considering.

No need to get bored with too much charger while strolling down the street,all you need is your power bank portable device.

If you are found of watching films and playing music, you really need alternative source of power that is very stress-less and indeed very handy and this calls for your portable power bank device.

4. Power Bank Recommendation

You need the best to enjoy the best from your money, after series of research, we have found out best power bank for phone you can buy. see recommendation below. Just click on the image below are buy from the nearest online store (Amazon and Konga respectively).

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