How To Make Money Online In Nigeria With Your Voice

By | September 13, 2014

Do you believe you can start to Make Money Online In Nigeria with your voice if you have a fantastic voice that everybody would love to listen to? To make money online in Nigeria easily takes a diverse of ways in which to make money online in Nigeria making use of your natural talent stands the chance of getting a numbered position and is very possible!

One of the fastest growing industries in Nigeria is music industry; where they are more than enough artist who know that when music is noisy, you only need to listen to the rhythm.

Even when you are creative but lack connection in the industry, one can hardly succeed. If you really wanted to be known starting from international level instead of staying idle at home and be waiting for miracle to happen, you can easily sell your recorded voice online and start to make money online in Nigeria.

I always love to try because there is no harm in trying but there is harm in not trying because the you in you will find no place to manifest itself. So why not taking a bold step today if you want to make money online in Nigeria and don’t know what to do, this is better chance for you to get started with influential people who are ready to pay for your approved recorded voice.

To make money online in Nigeria for most Nigerian is a nightmare that they never dreamt of dreaming which will invariable place them on hot sit, however there is always a way out and that is why I have deem it fit to letting you know that you can start to make money online in Nigeria selling your own voice if you have been dreaming to become a top artist.

Make Money In Nigeria Selling Your Voice

Under this headline, I’ll be sharing with you two awesome websites that pays you for an approved recorded voice you submit.


Book Voice has been putting smile on people’s check for their job well done for years. While using Book Voice as source of online income in Nigeria, you will have right to the following benefits.

1. On “Book Voice”,you will be paid for every of your approved recording you make even after auditions.

2. As the prime owner of the voice, you are privileged to set your own price within the added stipulate margin or range of what you can set as you price rate.

3. You can  easily record it right from home and upload it up for sale.

4. No one to question your authority on how you make you production or labeling; all that matters is choose uniqueness.

5. Once you submitted records is approved, you will be paid via Paypal


With over 40,237 clients on Voice123 who have posted over 131,765 jobs/projects, you must be convinced that they there is an element of truth in the service they render in making you sure your dream comes through and not only that, but also to the fulfillment of your dream within a stipulated period.

Voice123 has both standard account and premium account, depending on your financial standard but as a beginner, starting with voice123 free standard account won’t be a bad choice and with that alone, you can build your reputation online and be buoyant financially.

Do you now believe you can make money online in Nigeria selling your voice? If you have a good voice, why don’t you start now?

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4 thoughts on “How To Make Money Online In Nigeria With Your Voice

  1. Thank your for the information about Nigeria, I do not lot about other country online, because I from the US. You have good information for teaching people, and love to give value, and love learning from others.

    There is so much to learned inside of this industry, and would to start networking with and here your thought on different topics.

    Thank you for sharing…
    paul recently posted…

  2. Hello ADESANMI ,
    I am very excited to read about this offer.
    This is a great chance for Nigerian.
    I am not from Nigeria but feel happy for those people.

    Hard work never waste. Every one has it’s own quality.
    Any way Good post. Have a nice day. and Good Night.

    Areesha Noor.
    areesha Noor recently posted…

    1. Adetechblog Post author

      Hi Noor,

      You can follow this procedure to make money online as well independable of your location

    Thanks for introducing with this new and interesting thing


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