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By | September 7, 2014

One of the best ways to make money in Nigeria is writing an article for sale.If your writing skill is better than mine, you could earn handsomely writing a paid article online. Outside blogging, article for sale is another lucrative way you can use to make money in Nigeria.

In selling you written articles online, you must be averagely sound and fluent in the use of English language. I can understand that English is not our official language in Nigeria, notwithstanding, you need  the help of self help guide in English language so that you can push yourself above average if you want to make money in Nigeria writing article for sale.  I know quite a reasonable number of people who make money online in Nigeria using these method and yours shouldn’t be exceptional. If you wonder how people make money online in Nigeria without owing a blog, I guess this post is for you.

Can I Make Money In Nigeria Writing Article For Sale If My English Is Poor/Below Average?

Is this what you are thinking about? If this is exactly what you are thinking about, I would advise you tell have an extra home lesson to push your writing skill above average. Writing skill doesn’t have anything to do with spoken English. Even after you memorize the whole dictionary, your writing skill may not be poetic enough to convince a buyer, so do take your time to read books on how to write a convince article to build your reputation from the best author or mentor before venturing into writing article for sale.

However, if truly you have the mind of making money online as a Nigerian, learn how to speak the mind of the buyer and that is the only way to start close to the top.

Top 4 Sites To Make Money In Nigeria Writing Article For Sale

Here I will be sharing with you four top sits you can start with to make money online in Nigeria writing article for sale. If you have any other trusted means you have dealt with over time and worth trusting, kindly share it in the comment section for update.


On article sale website, all you need to do is write your article and put it up for sale. After that, Article sale will start marketing it until they find a buy and after that they will redeem your own share to your account .There are various category on this site where you can write on and make cool money from, such as Computer and Technology, politics, real estate, self improvement, fashion and beauty, communication etc.


This is a USA article marketing website which also accept international writers from different countries. When you write an article for sale on this website,it will be thoroughly checked and proofread to make sure it’s error free.


Fiverr is one of the few ways people use to make money online in Nigeria. Here you are being paid for the service you render. On this website, you can not only write article for sale, but you could be paid for your expert experience even as an auto-card expert, web-designer, traffic builder, SEO expert etc. Services on this website is called gig, every gig goes for $5 where you will keep $4 and the rest goes to the website owner.


Content Divas is another  great website you can start with to start making money in Nigeria after reading this post. ContentDivas hires freelancers to write for them and they paid the writers in return. All theses websites are first class site to write articles for sale and as a Nigeria, making money from this websites shouldn’t be your problem.

Start to make money  in Nigeria writing article for sale today before it’s too late!

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  1. Hi Adesanmi,

    This is my time on your blog! Reading your reminds me of those when I was blogging as a Tech Blogger on The site is no more anyway. But seriously, I love the way your blog is organized. Articles are simple and straight to the point.

    One way to make money online these is writing. If you can write more constructive articles in less hours then the sky is not only your limit. These sites which mentioned are noted already.

    Thanks for sharing bro!

    Jackson Nwachukwu recently posted…

  2. it would be great for my nigerian friends to have this opportunity

  3. Max is new, but the site is geared mainly to and for Nigerians.


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