Mobile Video Chat with TextMe app.

TextMe is an easy to use messaging application that allows users to send unlimited text, voice, pics, video messages to any mobile phone number .
The popular PC application “SKYPE” never dominated the mobile world the way it has it way in the PC world which open doors for numerous OTT communication rivals.
TextMe has built it app platform on the basis whish Skype considered almost irrelevant. Textme combined the best feature of Skype, Pinger and Whatsapp into simple mobile app.
As a fact, when it comes to apps we don’t lack for choice we can make use of popular Whatsapp to message our heart and make video call on Tango.
Although those apps: Skype, Pinger, Whatsapp, Tango and Viber all great application, each specializing on  different features but TextMe however has plan to combine the best features of those apps to single multidimentional communications tool.

TextMe provides a unified voice message and video chat platform, but can as well reach beyond its own network of uses to touch any phone number in U.S and more than 40 other countries of the world. TextMe designed a device-agnostic platform that can turn any tablet into a phone.
The best of TextMe to crown it all, it created a “FREEMIUM” charging platform that allows customers to earn credits for service they would normally pay for.
This great app has solved the problem of issuing every user a phone number as Google voice does in the PC world, meaning that TextMe can easily send and receive text messages from any mobile device as well as place or receive calls from any phone.
Though not all TextMe service are free like it competitive apps, all in network SMS, voice and video communications are gratis but this same app doesn’t charge for out of network text message.
TextMe charges for phone call to non TextMe number both domestic and international and they are planning to introduce a paid international SMS feature early this week.
TextMe has really stumble upon an interesting idea for better communication
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