Microsoft to Migrate From Window Azure to Microsoft Azure

The latest news fromt revealed  that Microsoft will change the name of its brand from Windows Azure to Microsoft Azure with cloud computing platform. The public announce is taking placing today with an immediate effect on the 3rd of April which happens to the first day of Microsoft Azure build developer conference.

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The movement of Microsoft from Windows Azure to Microsoft Azure does not means  that Microsoft is abandoning Windows finally rather it only show how possible it is to make do with Azure on other platform which Windows server might not be able to condole. The fact is Microsoft as a company has grown big and their stand makes it possible for them to make do with whatever the decision the company made most especially about the new Microsoft Azure.

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Azure itself have being succeeding and has been part of the success Microsoft has acquired as at today simple because it platform is quite different from Windows with widen horizon about its customers.

Microsoft is making a hug hits on Windows via the unification of the Azure platform across the whole wide screen as well as taking it to non-Windows device/product over to it prominent rival.

Azure is not taking over Microsoft product but it’s only extending or diversifies its potential to Microsoft to show its impact on Microsoft Azure rather than Windows Azure.

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