How to Make $100 With Affiliate Program Within a Month

Affiliate is by no means one of the best ways to start making money online and it can start overnight if properly carried out. Thanks to affiliate sites like Amazon, Clickbank, Konga, Shareasale, Peerfly etc where you can easily apply as an affiliate and get your account approved and start earning if you know how to.

Making money from affiliate is a win-win strategy where you really need to understand some marketing clues, know your blog visitors, know who you are writing for either social network or search engine. It is a great move to start an affiliate and it’s also wise to target visitor from search engine because visitors from search engine are likely to buy the product you are promoting, and this not to tell you that you won’t make reasonable sale if you are targeting social network but it will only be limited to some extent. If true you want to earn from affiliate, you must understand how to make a keyword research, find exacts keyword match, comparing the number of search and the keyword search competitors.

How to Make 100 From Affiliate Within One Month How to Make $100 With Affiliate Program Within a Month

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Making 3 digits $$$ within a month seem to look like an unachievable milestone but it’s quite easy to achieve and can be achieved within this stipulated period.

How to Make $100 With Affiliate Program Within a Month

Below are the three strategy to follow to start making 3 digits $$$ within a month from an affiliate program.

1. Promote only a product with Higher Commission

The number of product you are promoting does not guarantee your success but the commission you earn per sale really does. Take for instance, Mr “A” promoted five products worth $30 on his blog and the commission per sale is 8%. Assuming Mr “A” sold 4 products within a week and from simple mathematical calculation, Mr “B” has suceededly make $2.4, giving Mr “A” a total sum of $9.6 with just four sales. And Mr B promoted just two products worth $30 and the commission per sale is 40%. Assuming Mr “B” suceededly make 2 sales in week and from simple mathematical calculation, Mr B have succeededly make $12 per says giving Mr “B” a total sum of $24 with just two sales. What am trying to say in essence is that, the clue used by Mr “A” to convince his buyer to buy the reviewed product worth $30 that made him $9.6 for all his sales can be used to convince buyer as well to buy the product where his commission really worth it (nothing is too much small). Promoting product with limited commission is not bad though but the same procedure can be used to promote product with high commission rate to boost your affiliate earning.

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2. Make Product Research

If you are into Amazon affiliate, how do you find a product to promote? It is very crucial to know how to find a product to promote from Amazon since there are countless number of people who also interest in promoting the same product. If you are really into Amazon affiliate product, you can follow my guide to boost your Amazon earning. Go to Amazon and click on category, select desire product or search for popular product in the chosen category and use Google Adword ( to analyses the product statistics (Search volume, trend, CPC) and write your product review around exact keyword with less competition.

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3. Write Comprehensive Product Review

If you are not a prolific writer with good spoken and writing skills, try to be one but mark you, when you put an alphabet before another you have started making a sentence already, and if that is the case, you too can write a comprehensive product review. Writing a comprehensive review of the product you are promoting increases your chance of making more sales. There are lot of thing that contribute to writing a comprehensive product review such as writing both negative and product aspect of the product you are promoting, try to compare it to it close substitute and try to create a loophole that will divert the attention of your visitor from the product close substitute to the one you are promoting if you can’t promote both products. If however you find it very difficult to write a comprehensive review about the product, contact the product owner requesting for the product review and stated clearly why you need and the benefits both of you can derive from it.

Am not a supercharge affiliate marketer but with this clue, making $100 within a month as an affiliate marketer in an achievable milestone.

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    Creating amazon stores with some good products after researching keywords which should be niche based give huge amount of profit.. lots of amazon affiliate store wordpress themes are available which makes easy to create amazon affiliate stores
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