Key benefits of wordpress platform

Benefits of wordpress Key benefits of wordpress platformWhat are the benefits of using WordPress? Probably you started blogging on blogger platform and now it’s high time for you to move from one platform to another or you have already migrated to WordPress platform. There is no doubt that you must have thought about the advantages and disadvantages of using WordPress, and since you may be new to this platform, definitely you have to make a lot of research about WordPress to widen your knowledge about the new platform you are moving to.  Bloggers don’t just switch from blogger to WordPress without any benefit. However, what is WordPress blogging platform? Or what benefits do you ever thinks that associated with wordpress platform over blogger platform?

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WordPress is open source software which is made up of CMS (content management system) with an exceptional working system. This history of WordPress platform can be traced back to as far as 2003 and now the largest self-hosted blogging platform.

So many companies / firms operated on WordPress, such as New York times (NY time). WordPress is not just an open source for online business but it is very easy to set up and maintain with limited knowledge about coding like CSS to give you blog a great look always.

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Often time bloggers argue on the best blogging platform where some supported WordPress and some blogger platform and I referred to this as round table discussion where different decision can be taken base on individual perspective, however we are not bothered about which of the platform is better rather the benefits of WordPress platform to bloggers.

1. Theme: There are thousands of themes available for WordPress like Divi which is my blog current theme at the time of publishing this post. User can easily change their blog theme to desire one at any convenient time with good navigation and nice customization to suit their needs without thinking of backing up their blog.

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2. Plugins: This is the fundamental functionality of any WordPress site; plugins allow users to extend their blog functionality and effective workability. The plugins were made available to all nooks and crummy of setting up an effective blog like social media, Facebook fan, SEO, bookmaking site plugins, there are free and premium plugins for WordPress platform unlike blogger platform where you can only make use of code.

3. Developer: WordPress been the largest blogging platform, it has a lot of plugin developers who helps to develop various plugins, software and themes which are both free and premium.

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4. Search engine friendly: With WordPress blogging, you don’t really need to spend time on pinging your blog post using site like pingomatic, Googleping, pingler etc. WordPress possess this characters which helps to send your update to different search engine and you can also make use of available plugins to perform the job for you automatically instead of doing it manually.

5. Customizing / design: with the knowledge of CSS, you can play around with your blog CSS file to give your blog a new and nice look.

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6. Blog continues: You may never understand what I’m trying to say from this word. If by mistake your blog is being hacked and you are on WordPress, chances are that for you to retrieve your blog from your server if not backed up unlike on blogger platform where some loses their blog to the air like the air in the wind and at times, the chance of retrieving any deleted blogger blog is very limited.

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  1. Jan 14. 2014

    I’ve been using wordpress for long. What you said above is so true my friend.
    Okto recently posted…My Profile

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  2. Jan 14. 2014

    Irrespective of what you say, blogger is a better than wordpress. I for instance regret moving to wordpress.
    But as you know, I followed what the masses was doing.

    On a blogger platform, one cannot be hacked compared to the rampant hacking of wordpress blogs.

    I know this post isn’t about comparing wordpress and blogger so please pardon me for my personal incitements.
    Emmanuel recently posted…My Profile

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    • Adesanmi Adedotun

      Jan 15. 2014

      Hi Emmanuel,

      It’s of the truth that wordpress is vulnerable to hacking compare to wordpress, but notwithstanding blogger is vulnerable to deleting and chances are that for you not to recovering your wordpress blog once hacked if backed up but getting your bloggers account back when deleted it’s like air in the wind.
      Adesanmi Adedotun recently posted…Who is a blogger? Are bloggers farmers?My Profile

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  3. Jan 15. 2014


    Well I must say wordpress is really awesome platform to use and I’m really enjoying using it. We can find hell of themes and plugins we can do whatever we what.

    That’s the reason all of the bloggers and webmasters recommend wordpress.

    Samir recently posted…My Profile

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  4. Jan 20. 2014

    I think WordPress is exactly what bloggers need to get success easier. There are a lot of solution for writing out there but the platform that wordpress presents is really stupendous. you have variety of plugins that you can do with this and a mount of big companies develop for the plugins like Google. My first choice for sure.
    thanks for your sharing.

    Stephan recently posted…My Profile

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  5. Jan 26. 2014

    I’m using wordpress since years and i liked it very much since all my blog are on wordpress only. WordPress is easy to use and there are thousands of features.
    Robert Singh recently posted…My Profile

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