Is Google page-rank update out?

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 Is Google page rank update out?

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Bloggers are tired of waiting for this, it seems it’s taking Google a more time than before the page-rank update is out, or is Google not updating their official blog/website page-rank again? After the last page-rank that was updated on the 4th Feb 2013, Google has taken another roughly 5 months without any news relating to page-rank.
In fact am damn fed of this long awaited Google page-rank update. Initially, Google page-rank doesn’t take long as far as this before, Google page-rank update comes up virtually every 3-3 month but it’s 4 moths 19 days now and Google page-rank have not been updated.

But notwithstanding, bloggers don’t need to let this borders them much or track them down from doing the great blogging work by building more backlink, comment on others blog and publishing quality content since Google page rank virtually depends on backlinks and quality contents.

And the only remedy to put smile in bloggers face after the forthcoming Google pagerank is to put more effort to building qaulity backlink mostly from a very high quality page-rank like blog with pagerank of 7, 6, 5 and 4

Finally: Am using this medium to plead to all bloggers that they should keep blogging, and building good backlinks and the forthcoming Google pagerank will be favourable.

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  1. Hi Adesanmi,
    Google Page rank is one such factor which most of the web masters are waiting for but I believe it is better to concentrate more on SEO rather than a page rank. After all everyone needs traffic what if you have page rank 5 and no traffic and Page rank 0 and high traffic. Anyways Page rank too plays a role in pushing our blog up in search ranking….
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  2. adetechblog says:

    You are right Vijesh, but I think Google pagerank update don't take too long like this before but as you said, SEO is the more reason why quality content must be publish even always
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  3. I think with the Penguin update, google is just running beinhd

  4. adetechblog says:

    Good point Roger, but I think Google should try to release the pagerank update on time to ease some bloggers who are desperately waiting for it.
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  5. thehemen says:

    i think they are first going with all those penguins and pandas before rolling out pagerank update. so they can filter out low rank sites first.
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  6. Hi Thehemen,

    I support what you said concerning Google penguin and panda but hopefully this July somethng should be done!
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  7. Now honestly speaking I'm already fed up with this update, It's long overdo my body is already itching ,,,, google should hurry with this to ease up my tension
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  8. adetechblog says:

    Hi Obasimvilla

    Thank you for your comment; I am also fed up about keeping us waiting all this while about the update but hopefully this July should be able to communicate something about that..
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  9. Olá,
    Belíssimas dicas, é importantíssimo para nos admin de websites inexperientes sabermos como podemos alcançar nossos leitores, clientes e etc…
    Obrigado Muito Útil!

  10. It's so sad to see PageRank update is so far behind. While many say PR doesn't matter that much they still count it in as one of the factors used to determine how much money they will spend on promotion or advertising in general. For a hard working folk it's disappointing to see his/her work unrewarded yet.
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  11. adetechblog says:

    Hi Julius,

    Yes, bloggers believed that the higher your blog pagerank, the high you blog SEO, and that is the more reason why many bloggers worked tirelessly fro a start for a better PR but I can say it's becoming disappointing for Google not updating their pagerank yet by now.
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  12. Great post i am also one of those waiting for another page rank update but after reading what google said about page rank i stop worrying myself about, which they specified that page rank has nothing to do with search rankings,in fact am only worrying about writing great content for my blog and building link to be on the positive list when the update comes.
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  13. adetechblog says:

    Hi Collins,

    Yes collins, but despite the fact that Google don't place much emphasise on PR according to your responds, atleast they should have let bloggers know there faith after all this while with a lot of sleepless night.
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  14. hey Ade, Short but nice Post you've got there,just like every other blogger,i have been waiting anxiously to see the Google pagerank update,but its a pity that most of my new Blogs are yet to witness any, so i cant really tell how well my back linking strategies have work. But all the same, i'm seeing a spike in traffic each day

  15. I agree, have ben waiting for over 6 months now to have an update that would be much appreciated

  16. You are thinking the right way. Traffic and conversions are much more important than PageRank. It is surprising how many people do not realise that.
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  17. I just saw this post when i was reading onemillionwaystomakemoney. I'm also anxious and curious to know what my pr will be. But i"m happy it hasn't been uipdated, this will give me more time to build backlinks :)
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  18. adetechblog says:

    Hi Samuel,

    This is to tell me that we have the same target, pending the time Google PageRank will be on hold we need to work on our blog quality backlink for nice PageRank from the big G when updated.
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  19. I think overtime, people will start going from PageRank to Domain Authority.
    We’re 5 months and 2 days since the last update. I think Google Penguin has really
    put the smash down on Pagerank as google wants to rid the web of spam and selling links,
    which of course is driven by PR.

  20. Google have been very busy with other updates such as Penguin 2.0 and other updates.

    I have another theory though, I think Google will now reduce the Pagerank update frequency to two times per year instead of the traditional 4 times per year. And they will eventually phase it out over the next couple of year.

    The is other metric tools you can use to judge your websites performance such as SEOMOZ`s Open Site Explorer and Magestic SEO Tools. For Backlinks you can use AHREFS Site Explorer.

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