iOS 7: Add date, news and other features.

Apple company to launch new iOS7 by September 18 with a very wonderful features some of which are; new control centre, new overhaul interface, a reliable and transparent animation, Airdrop, Control centre, Gesture control, iOS and Car.

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The latest features will not only be available on iOS 7 but also on iPhone 4, 4s, iPhone 5, ipad 2, both the 3rd and 4th generation of iPad, as well as the 5th generation (iPad mini and iPod touch).

Although many Apple users were not happy with Apple extracting some Google data, and not only that, there were other things such as Siri.

With the iOS 7 new update, users were given priority over the new look of the device starting from controlling the iPhone without customers having to bother about anything about the new update on the iOS 7 OS but it maybe somehow disappointed that Apple company did not include Apple maps with the new update but this is not to worry if however the iOS 7 user is in darkness with torch.

The new iOS 7 release date:

During the launch, it was announced that the new feature of the iOS  7 will be made available by September 18 and will available on almost all their upgraded device as earlier said e.g iPhone 4, iPhone 4s and also available on the 3rd, 4th and 5th generation such as iPad 2, 3, and 4, and some of the new features are;

Control centre

This is one of the best feature iPhone users should be expecting as it allow users to have total control over the phone main gut with just a swipe from the phone i.e iPhone and/or iPad and the new hub will auto-display irrespective of what users are doing and where they were on the iPhone.


I know all iPhone users that support this new update feature will love this, with just a tab on you iPhone you can share and tweet anything from your iPhone with this new update on your iPhone such as app. With just a tab, user will quickly have access to their iPhone with Airdrop functions, and more items can be share and tweet at once with Airdrop.

Gesture control

This new feature is just like Edge and Corner swipe which pick up directly with jus press and hold unto it.

iOS and Car

Car manufacturer can integrate the iOS 7 OS within built-in of vehicles, and also the Siri helps in full eye free usage support. With iOS in your car, user can now flex like ferrari owner with Sire iOS 7 but not attribute to one iDevice.

With this feature, the car will just read his message on the iDevice called iMessage to user and expect responds from user. This is really a great update from iPhone.

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  1. Sep 12. 2013

    Hi Adesanmi !
    Glad to see tech news on your blog mate !
    I really like the new features of the IOS7 ..It would make the upcoming Apple devices much better than its previous versions . Thanks for sharing the information .
    Pramod recently posted…My Profile

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  2. Sep 12. 2013

    Apple may launch new ios7, but the two i phone launched recently needs to be reviewed as they are tagged cheap but has apple compromised with the quality to such a low extent or they have made things cheaper.

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    • Sep 13. 2013

      There is nothin to be reviewed there,That is all there is to offer.And does been cheap necessarily means they have compromised?
      Orhionkpaibima recently posted…My Profile

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  3. Sep 12. 2013

    Android is giving a tough competition to iOS so they have to update their feature regularly to maintain its dominance. so , this is step toward this. Anyway a great content from a well established blogger.

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  4. Sep 13. 2013

    Thanks for the rundown.. i am looking forward to the update.

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  5. Sep 18. 2013

    I believe that verysome andriod will be the number phone in world. Thank for the great post

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