9 lessons for starting internet marketing part 1

What the heck is internet marketing? Internet marketing is simply seen as a means of marketing product and service via the internet for the sake of targeting a very large audience without and outside the reaches of an internet marketer.

Internet marketing 9 lessons for starting internet marketing part 1


Product marketing can be done both online and offline, building a successful internet marketing need to do with understanding internet marketing strategy used to drive quite a large number of audience to know about our product and what we have in stock, however under this heading, we will discuss 9 lessons for starting internet marketers’ part one.

1. Don’t start with the mind-set of making money: Starting internet marketing with a reason more than making money will grant you the chance to withstand any drawback, difficulties, limitation and some un-conducive circumstance. This is not to tell you that making money is not one of your goals but shouldn’t be the number one goal however if making money form the onset is where you place your hope and priority, you are likely to be disappointed and this will kill your instinct.

2. Be focus as you journey along:  It’s good to be known for what you are than what you are not for, focusing on what you good at is what you need as an internet marketer, though it may take a while to have it all but when you don’t place your topmost priority on making money from the start you will definitely focus and able to perform to the best of your knowledge on what you are good at.

3. Decide your marketing strategy: Content marketing can either be done via the internet, cold contact via SMS and door to door marketing strategy which is often called product or content networking, all are better but you need to stay focus on what work for you, if you focus on promoting your product using the power of internet then, that must be the number one goal on your list and if it’s door to door networking then other will definitely come after. Contact via SMS may be so hectic and time consuming but it will turn out to be the best method if properly managed.

4. Fund is needed with a reliable partner and work better when bootstrapping: For a successful internet marketer fund is mostly needed to start up with, but what will a reliable partner do for you in this realm. Am of the opinion that one man business is the best way because you own 100% of your income, you direct your project to favour you and the chief C.E.O of your company but the problem is what will happen when you run into debt? Here is where the issue of partnering with a reliable marketer comes in, it may not be like partnering with fund rather sharing ideas together, attend seminar that will improve your company, etcetera. However you can determine what favours you under this heading whether to choose a partner or not.

5. Provide a reliable service: Do you believe people don’t pay for service but the pay for the time spent, for instance am to offer SEO service for your company or refurbish your blog and that takes me limited time to accomplished, my client may not appreciate it because the time spent might be very limited comparing to  the amount he’s to pay, however to render a reliable service as internet marketer, observe what is requested of you, spend more time to research, compare and contrast, spend time analysing your project before delivering the service and your client will believe it worth paying for and this will make your service even more reliable.

6. Make your service worth paying for: You definitely need this to succeed as internet marketer, don’t be selfish in naming your price and don’t be too harsh but it’s good to make your service what paying for. It doesn’t matter how long it’s going to take you to accomplish the task, either hours, days even month but just make your service worth paying so as to make your client believe their paying for something; don’t because of excess customer and bid your service price so low, that will not help your marketing strategy but naming your service price in accordance with what it require to accomplish it is a good way to follow.

7.  Let go off bad client: All client cannot be productive in fact some project are not to be accepted/handled, a friend of mine once laid a complain about a client who hired him to design his blog for him but after the job, my friend now asked him to upload some post to see if he love the job well-done but the client gave a flimsy excuses that he was busy as at that time and later came back after three weeks and started ranting that he didn’t completed his job meanwhile he had begged him to upload some post to see whether he loves it or not. All animal are not for barbeque, however let go off service that will dent your internet marketing personality and face the serious client squarely.

8. Put on the garment of trustworthiness: Be transparent to your client, the fastest way to lose your clients is procrastination and telling lies; this will kill your potential skills if at all you are an expert. It is better to be trustworthy and have little clients than telling lies to make your way because you image will soon be tarnished.

9. Learn to say simple thank you: Simple thank you really mean a lot to some people even myself, appreciate your loyal clients in whichever way that will make them appreciate your service like sometimes give free service, bonus and complimentary mail always to keep them informed of your service. Doing this will bring recognition from your loyal client and learn how to work with your bad clients as they themselves may turn out to be one of the better customer one of this day.

Adesanmi Adedotun is a part-time blogger who lives in Nigeria and Nigerian by birth, a chronic Mathematician as a profession. Am a typical fan of 9ice (Adigun Alapomeji) when it comes to Nigerian traditional singers. You can add me on Facebook . You can follow my UPDATE on Facebook | Twitter and on Google plus


8 Responses to “9 lessons for starting internet marketing part 1”

  1. Oct 11. 2013

    Thanks for this post. it as been a guide have been looking for in other to start internet marketing. keep up the Good work Thanks
    Olutunde Femi recently posted…My Profile

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  2. Oct 11. 2013

    Hi Adesanmi,

    Great tips about internet marketing and I agree with you that you will have to invest some into your internet marketing business. Most people think that they can get started without any investment.

    We all need to remember that this is a business and any business requires some type of investment. Thanks for sharing and can’t wait for the next part.
    Susan Velez recently posted…My Profile

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  3. Oct 11. 2013

    Hi bro,
    This is a lovely post. There is one point you raised which I like the most.Putting on the garment of trustworthiness.
    Trust is worth more a million dollar bill!
    Emmanuel recently posted…My Profile

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  4. Oct 11. 2013

    Looks like you have a pretty good view of how this internet marketing stuff works. The biggest thing I took from your post is point 1. Don’t start with the mindset of making money. I would add that of you start with the desire to bring value and solutions to your client or prospect , by default the money will take care of itself. Keep up the good work bro. Nice site.

    Jerry Handy Sr recently posted…My Profile

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  5. Oct 13. 2013

    Hi Adesanmi,
    This is really loving post. I really appreciate you. Thanks for sharing
    Muhammad Irfan recently posted…My Profile

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  6. Oct 14. 2013

    I agree that money should not be the main focus when you start Internet marketing. You want to build a credible brand and presence. I also think you are right about expressing your thanks. It goes a long way toward encouraging loyalty.
    Tammy recently posted…My Profile

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