Inspired ideas of building internet audience

Building quality audience is not new but building a last long audience using a procedure that convince is what really matter, just playing with twitter this morning and I came across a tweet that almost attract the interest of all fan, and I was so much surprised about it, and that is what search engine likes; content that bring about engagement from readers and are shareable.

Audience Inspired ideas of building internet audience

Although quality content really work but also, seeing is believing, blogging is moving gradually which will in no time might not get to the peak purposely because many are falling in love with blogging everyday but what differentiate pro-bloggers from a learner or newbie webmaster is how they decide to build their blog audience to generate more traffic and as well make more sale of their products which will create a wide gap between them both.

In this article am going to leverage the simple method used by pro-blogger to build their blog audience over and over again. But before that, let me ask you single question and your respond will determine whether you are ready to build your blog audience or not.

Why do you watch video? I know you may not be able to contribute to this post except in the comment section, just reserve your comment and share your opinion in the comment section.

But from my own perspective, performing a life stage act is more memorable than what you just read and understand; and the fact is mind easily get attracted to what the eyes can see faster that what is been read. Below are the un-exclusive important of using video in building our audience as an internet marketer.

1. Building trust: Building a solid relationship has to do with trust, without trust it will be so much difficult to build our audience. The only way to gain our audience trust is to create an avenue to share our real self and pushing them through one way forward by telling them what is real yet we can’t prove it to them that you are not a scammer might not be convincing enough. Content marketing have to do with trusted audience that will help to convert your effort to money, however doing this will start by giving them your word and affirm it via video coverage proving to your audience you are indeed yourself.

3. Video help to develop emotion: Everybody is emotionally responding, what calls us to action is our emotion that tries to develop our persuasive hormone. How often do you watch any video on video website and feel like having it on your hard disk? I was researching some days back and came across a video on how to ask a question that deserve an answer, why you are procrastinating, and why you don’t have the right answer to your questions and immediately I hit the download button because emotionally am in need of those videos because of its content and that content marketing immediately turned me to a subscriber of his service.

3. Schedule your video:  It is good to be productive and consistence at all time; scheduling your video will help a lot to help you grow your blog audience. Publishing all your video content marketing at once is not really encouraging, and avoid pouring all what you have as your video into one video for the sake of building large audience, the minutes or hours you use to disseminate information in your video is invariable not depend on the total number of audience you can reach but quality video is what really work for many who as video content marketers.

4. Share only test and trusted video:  We are talking about building audience through video marketing but this can at the same time dent your marketing personality when you are not sure of what you are covering, don’t be like the media who often give an undisclosed information for the sake of reaching people with what the latest is all about, however publish only what you know, tested, trusted and what work for you if you really want to build trust in order to build your marketing audience.

5. Share your video: This is the most important part of content marketing, meeting large audience will have to do with sharing your video on video site like Netfix, YouTube, etc. An unshared content is like putting on the lamp and hide it under the bed which will be of no benefit and for it to be useful, there is a need for it to be place on the table or where necessary to fulfil its purpose.

Therefore, in the course of growing your audience using video, uploads your content to video content marketing site and on social media as well such as Facebook, and twitter.

Conclusion: Growing your business audience have a lot to do with trust, and gaining trust from someone is like invested his/her power on you that you are capable, you can do it, and s/he believe in your service, in a nutshell following the video content marketing procedure will increase your audience.

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  1. I guess the tips heavy on video creation here. Well, I haven’t tried seriously on video making contents. I just use YouTube to support related content so far.

    Thanks for this post
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  2. Hi Adesanmi,
    I think trust is all in all which make you popular among the internet readers and this you can gain by helping them in their problems and sharing quality stuff with them.
    muhammadsaleem recently posted…My Profile

  3. Hey Dotun,

    This highly educative…..didn’t even know all this but now I know, thanks to you and your blog. I haven’t seen this topic before since my visit around the blogosphere, this therefore makes this article unique and productive.

    Thanks for sharing it with us……ill make sure I share it with my fans. :)


  4. Hi Adesanmi,
    Thanks for Sharing This Informative Post :)
    Abid Omar
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