How to identify and recover a stolen content

Some days back I published a post on this blog on how bloggers can boost their blog SEO using blog comment, which I so much love because it has really helped my blog so much and that was what prompted me to come up with this post most especially on the achievement of this blog in less than less 4 month with AlexaRank less 69k globally, this is really great and awesome as far as am concern.

infringe How to identify and recover a stolen content

Content infringements is no longer new in blog-o-sphere, copying content verbatim from fellow blogger without any credit is very rampant amongst bloggers this day which is supposed not to be so since it’s unethical. In this post I will single handedly explain how our stolen content can be identify and recover the stolen content back with simple step.

Identify the infringements:

The issue of Google panda  that brings about loss of traffic when a website or blog is hits, is no longer a new thing which can be resulted from copying content from other website/blog without any credit, but despite this, many still it most difficult to give credit to the right source.

To identify your infringed content, copy some of the content and search for the exact content in Google search engine with quotes. Now, if it appear in another page the way it was on your page, definitely the next step is to endeavor to find out the total number of your content found on the site or blog and that can be found using as to whether the site or blog really have more duplicate of your content.

How do you find out that? Copy the suspected page URL and past into copyscape search bar to find out more of your stolen content or better still try as much as possible to compare the page using the same tool , which will compare both URLs juxtaposely and give a proper analysis of how the URLs  pages overlapped each other and if however larger percentage of your content is found on this page, addressing the issue aggressively may not really help because slow and steady win the race.

Log your facts

Note that you must be very sure about the gather information that the content was truly yours, after all your findings, now compute your fact into a spread sheet. As well, find more of these sites that lifted your content word for word without any linkback and focus on them as to whether if there is anything you can find more off of them and if anyone is found duplicating your content add them to your log. And now that you have gathered enough fact about your content duplicator, the next is to reach out to them.

Contact the site owner

Like I said earlier that aggressive approach may not help, in this wise try to contact the site owner via Email for a start and try as much as you can to sound friendly by asking him to do the necessary amendment like removing the page or linkback to your the source and express you willingness on how his/her responds is very important to you.

Many times, some content duplicator hide their online identity like not including their contact page, you can find this out through   to find more about the site owner.

The above approaches are really lightly but if however no positive responds from the duplicator, the next steps may likely be the best option to follow.

Content not removed

If after all the appeal and nothing was done, then the ball is your court to somehow take it legally by reporting the content infringement. Visit page to lay a report to Google to help remove the content and if such site runs AdSense, there is tendency to lose his/her access as a publisher but do note that the tendency that you will be asked to contact the site owner for a start to resolve the issue amicably is very high. And after this, Google will take up the matter at his/her detriment and you are good to go.

Your view: Duplicating content in blog-o-sphere is not really a new thing but it’s an act that must be combated, many times, most of this sites are ranked higher than the really source which in no time will be taking away the benefits of sleepless night but with this simple steps, I believe the habit can be curbed if however it cannot be totally eradicated.

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  1. Hey Adesanmi,

    Nice article about using Google DMCA.
    Sagar Desai recently posted…My Profile

  2. Hi,
    which is used to Search for copies of your page on the web. This suggestion is good so that your content will not be stolen and it will not get duplicate.
    Thanks for such a useful article which is helpful for most of the bloggers :)
    Michael recently posted…My Profile

  3. Hello,

    Well we can say this is really a headache for every blogger, “their content has been stolen” Mostly in this case we can see lot of newbie blogger perform this things. I think we must report to google and recover our original content.

    thanks for tips.

  4. Hi Adesanmi,

    As a Newbie blogger i have been wondering about the copyright issue, but it seems that sites like Copyscape are becoming paid services. Any free options available?

    I suppose i have to do a bit more reading!

    Piyush Mathur recently posted…My Profile

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