How to write quality content in a competitive niche

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Previous I posted about Google pagerank but today am taking it to another dimension on how to write quality content in a competitive niche.

If you are complaining and giving an unscrupulous excuse about your blog niche that it’d too competitive and for this reason you now feel like quitting and probably you wish to move to another niche to start again…
 I am ready to show to you that you can make the best of the so-called competitive niche and you will finally put on smile after understanding the
reason why the niche seems burdensome and uninteresting to you again because of it competition.

The hidden secret of having ones way in a very competitive niche are not far fetch and it’s not all about keyword research, act of writing, designing and use of image that are appealing and attractive in nature and speak more of your blog content.
Before I proceed to reveal to you what to do to dominate your turf in a very competitive niche, I will like to ask you just one simple question; why do you think people spend huge amount of money on advert (off-topic)?
Now, the answer is right in your heart or still pondering on it, the tips that follows are to be properly considered in order to have a head way in a very competitive niche.
Let approach this headline practically, assuming our topic is “blogging for money”, can you tell me how boring this post title is?  Can you just guess how ranked would this be on search engine? Definitely, this will be rank so low because it wasn’t humanly constructed. Now consider the following question below.
i.               How to make money from blog
ii.             What to do to make money from blog
iii.            How to make money blogging
iv.           Who was the first person to make money from blog?
These are some of the question that a researcher who want to make money from a blog would like ask and search from search engine.
Now, can you observe what I did? I did try to make it more human and not to tell you am perfect, some if really you want to have a way head in you niche either competitive or not, you post title must be researchable and humanly constructed.
Remember the topic we are considering as an example is “blogging for money”, now let find what people are really looking for and want to know about this so that you can write on the and publish them on your blog.
Making research and providing answers to what people are searching for on a particular topic or niche or post will give you a hint of what to write about and this will definitely have it way to the top since people are seriously searching for it.
Alright, blogging for money is an interested topic that everybody dreamt of  and want to write about though not humanly researched in search engine,  what if you decide to reverse the idea of  blogging for money and write on why people don’t make money blogging?
So, instead of writing on what your blog competitors are dying to write about, you can just write on the reverse to open the instinct of the researchers on what to put into consideration so that the notion of blogging for money will not be abortive which I quite believe both the pro-blogger and beginner will not want to fall victim and this will sprout-out your blog from underneath and before you know it, you are there.
To come up with successful blog content, some questions must have been hidden somewhere and ready to provide either direct solution to or improvise. But in a situation where finding this entire question to provide answer to become a night mire, brainstorm tools comes in for help.
i.               Make use of brainstorm  tools to help find questions on a topic
ii.              Always walk with a jotter or note-pad on your phone o that you can write down what question that strikes your mind in the blog niche or topic at hand.
iii.            To crown it all, be creative and develop the habit of creative writing.
To become a successful blogger in any blogging niche, your content must be fresh and ready to ruminate the blogosphere always and do take NOTE not to go off-topic when writing so that you will not be considered incapable in the topic or niche per-say. Ask yourself some questions that readers are most likely to ask before writing so that when the entire suggested question comes up inform question, you will be able to tackle them.

Adesanmi Adedotun is a part-time blogger who lives in Nigeria and Nigerian by birth, a chronic Mathematician as a profession. Am a typical fan of 9ice (Adigun Alapomeji) when it comes to Nigerian traditional singers. You can add me on Facebook . You can follow my UPDATE on Facebook | Twitter and on Google plus


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  1. Jun 24. 2013


    I could say one thing that today competition is very high and its not easy as it was earlier even tough if you are to work hard and consistently then you will get success. And this blog post is very helpful in getting you understand on how to write quality blog post.

    Siddhartha Sinha
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  2. adetechblog

    Jun 25. 2013

    Thank you Siddhartha for your comment and you have added another point to the one listed above

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  3. Oct 01. 2013

    Thank u so much for this! great article im sharing if that’s ok!

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  4. Jan 02. 2014

    great post, making your post attractive matters as it also shows in search engines so even though you don’t rank one you can get rank 2 clicks and this will also helping increasing our SERP
    oluwadamilare Bakare recently posted…My Profile

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