How to write like a pro-blogger

No matter how, where and when you start a blog, one of the primary aims and objectives will be how to dominate the blogosphere even with limited numbers of articles. Th organic strength of becoming or writing like a pro blogger depends on: self-made, self-determination and choosing a good  to follow in blogging industry (blogosphere), so as to correct and prevent you from making a mistake.

Writing like a pro-blogger as a newbie or pre-pro-blogger can start right from the first article without scrapping content from pro-blogger blogs.

Before any blogger can write like a  pro-blogger, some facts must be unfold and the
fact below would not only teach you how to write like a pro-blogger  but will as well reveal to that you have the potential to write like a pro-blogger.


Eveery single article you publish must be properly stated and well enunciate, no article is too cheap to hint a reader what they need to know.

Each post you publish is a practise section for blogging excellence and it will be very difficult to claim a lost glory in blogosphere, without a proper write-up as an aspired pro-blogger, to dominate you world in blogosphere might not be as ease as you think.

 How to write like a pro blogger

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The type of post you publish will either bring FEARFUL JUSTICE or CONDEMNATION to you article most especially in a comment section, your contact form and will linger for a while in the heart of your blog readers.


Make a distinct different in the way you write, don’t follow the multitude because it takes away the value of your personal potential. Turn off harbingers, follow your mind and write to impress your  , express your understanding, and not to let your mentor sit and absorb his own discoveries.

023 How to write like a pro blogger

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Dominating your turf doesn’t mean you should be adamant to corrections rather accept any interrupt while you dominate but take decision through consultation from your bloggers .


It doesn’t matter how many articles you are able to publish per day, per week or per month as the case may be but what matter is what your blog readers are longing to know more about.

Before a blogger can qualified his reader, a KEYWORD research must have been made, to know what people are really searching for on the course of the niche, what they need and how they need it.

As a newbie and a beginner in blogging, you must withhold your opinion in term of keyword and search for what people are willing to know becaase “a word filthy spoken is like a apple of golden in picture of silver“.


Many bloggers made assumption when its not right, yet they want to write like a pro-blogger. To write like a pro-blogger, you must think like one, pro-blogger does not assume because most time it’s considered as a filthy thought.

If your readers know what you want to write about, why making research and at the same time reading your post?.

As a newbie (a pro-blogger thereafter), write as if your readers are like a kindergarten students who knows nothing about what you are writing about and try as much as you can, to provide all necessary information in your articles or blog post.


Rightful words are worth the time involved in searching for them and wrong words are devastating enough to avoid. Research on what you want to write, read books on them, listen to audio or audio-visual on them and

 How to write like a pro blogger

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get yourself acquaint with other means like listen to broadcast or read papers e.g. magazine on it and by following all this keyword on rightful words, you’ll discover before you pick a topic to write on, you already had the knowledge early before that time.

Food for thought: Pro-bloggers were not created but they were made, they write to sow and at the same time to know more, they love real information and appreciate initiative, they works on impartation and they are full of information.

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Adesanmi Adedotun is a part-time blogger who lives in Nigeria and Nigerian by birth, a chronic Mathematician as a profession. Am a typical fan of 9ice (Adigun Alapomeji) when it comes to Nigerian traditional singers. You can add me on Facebook . You can follow my UPDATE on Facebook | Twitter and on Google plus


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    Best tips to improve our writing skills. Effective writing is very important for blogging success. Hope to hear more from you. Keep blogging :)

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    Thank you pro for taking your time to write this comment, I appreciate your visit and the contribution.

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