How to Use MTN Night Data Bundle During The Day for Free

MTN Night Data Bundle is one of the best MTN data bundles with the largest percentage not because is the cheapest MTN Data Bundle Prices (One of all). There are numerous ways you can follow to buying MTN data bundles, like me now I used my MTN fastlink subscription interface to subscribe to any plan I feel like going for. Anyway, that is not what we are really concern about but how to browse during the day with MTN NIGHT DATA BUNDLE.

Some weeks back many MTN Night Data Bundle subscribers were complaining that the service just stopped work during the day and since then many people were unable to access the internet during the day except the stipulated time for this subscription. MTN Night Data Bundle with data cap of 4.5GB (3 BG + 1.5 GB bonus) remain the best as far as am concern but one difficulty that subscribers suffers is nothing but they will not be able to browse during the day as soon as the exhaust the 1.5GB bonus stipulated for the day.

Checkout What says about this weeks back.

When the MTN Night Data Bundle stopped working, I quickly switched to Airtel BB (2in1) plan so that I can search for a way to rectify the issue since most people have written about it but couldn’t help immediately it stopped working. And I’m glad to tell you that I have another trick to help you browse with MTN Night Data Bundle during the day even when you exhausted the 1.5GB bonus.

1.  Whether you disconnect your network or not if you are on mobile (Java, iOS, Android) you will still be able to browse during the day with MTN Night Data Bundle without any difficulties on the following social networks.

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  • Facebook
  • BBM
  • 2go
  • Whatsapp (Occassionally)

2. If you are browsing with your data bundle on PC before the stipulated period for this plan (9pm-6am), don’t disconnect your connection before the time pass, and your browsing will just continue. Do take note that the service might not work for the first 5 minutes but it’ll continue thereafter and you are good to go with your browsing during the day with your MTN Night Data Bundle. This also works on your Smartphone without disconnecting from the network!

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3. This is the most populous way most people used before but it seems the procedure has stopped permanently but you can still try it since the first two worked for so am save. But it only works on PC and this is done with the help of simple server which required little configuration on your browser and after that you are good to go and browse till you exhausts the whole bundle. Sometimes, when you are surfing the internet during the day using MTN Night Data Bundle with airtime on the SIM, chances are that for MTN to start deducting your airtime; so it’s advisable for you to have zero naira on the SIM.

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How to Configure Simple Server to Work With MTN Night Data Bundle

With the step below, you will be able to configure your simple server to work with MTN Night Data Bundle

Step1: Download first if you don’t have it already to your PC (Desktop preferably).

Step2: Create a folder on your desktop, and extract the downloaded server in to the folder (Config and main exe) are the two files you will be extracting to the folder.

Step3: Launch your preferable browser, click on settings and click on Lan settings (Google Chrome), click on manual proxy ad enter the following HTTP Proxy put in and port 8080.

Step4: Click “OK” to save your settings and click on apply to continue.

Step5: And finally, connect your modern to your compute and launch simple server main exe from the folder and you are good to browse.

And now, you can subscribe to MTN Night Data Bundle and browse with it during the day even when you exhausted your Data Bundle day bonus.

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