How to know a blog is index by Google

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Although there are many ways to know a blog in indexed by search engine or not. Just understand the fact that search engine only index your blog or website page and not the blog or website. For instance, if you have 50 pages in your blog or website, 25 can be indexed by search engine crawler. But how do you know your blog or website is indexed by search engine since using online tools to check whether a blog or site is indexed y search engine or not can be time consuming if there are many number of pages on your site or blog.

1. Google webmaster tools: This is Google search engine online tools for bloggers. Signing up for Google webmaster tools will automatically make an administration in your account. After signing up with Google webmaster tools, there will be need to verify your blog or website to confirm to Google you own the website or blog.

After verification, Google bolt will scan through your blog, and see if any pages have been indexed. If after a while, your blog is indexed by Google search engine but your blog is not really doing well, then the following points can be put into consideration, and take note of the problems associated to it.

i.  Your blog keyword information: If your blog keyword is different from what Google indexed, your blog may not do well in search engine. Better still, you can go through some of your blog article and see may be some of it can be edited for proper optimization.

ii. Search engine traffic: In your Google webmaster tools dashboard, click on your blog URL and go to your blog search queries to see what people are really searching for that bring them to your blog, and also view site or blog location in the search engine.

iii. Sitemap function: This is the more reason why sitemap submission is very important for search engine bolt to be able to crawling your site or blog. Adding sitemap to your blog will show how many pages submitted and the total number of pages that have been indexed.

Conclusion: Getting your site or blog indexed by search engine need to do with your blog traffic. Quality and targeted traffic come from search engine when a blog or site is properly indexed.

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    It's important that you make sure that your website is getting indexed by Google and to make sure that it's indexed correctly as this is your only way to get traffic from search engine, when your website have more traffic, more SERP ranking and higher PR your website will get ranking faster. Thanks for sharing this article.
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  14. This is absolutely perfect to start with. It’s a very important thing to know if your blog has been indexed. My younger actually had a challenge of indexing not quite long, he was complaining that his traffic dropped. Later we discovered that he submitted his sitemap twice or so. therefore, knowing your blog’s indexing status is a very good and wonder idea to follow. Great job Desanmi.

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