SEO: How to increase blog SEO through comment

Blog SEO is what successful blogger want to succeed in doing, many professional bloggers earn big from rendering SEO service for many companies, and the power of SEO as a blogger cannot be ignored if really we want to become a successful blogger and as well ranked higher than our competitors on search engine. I wonder why many bloggers post were found on the first, second and third page of search engine even when their post were just updated.

 SEO: How to increase blog SEO through comment

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Blog SEO is of two type though, the on page SEO and the off page SEO which are considered to be of very important for every blogger to understand and also implement if then we want to succeed as a blogger. Also I have come to realise that blog SEO as well be increased or boost using the process of blog comment. Agreed?

When talking about building successful blog backlinks, comment is one of the most fervent method that can be used and that has been in use over the time, I however believed that many bloggers most especially newbie webmaster will always want to have huge number of comment as far as they update their blog post not knowing that it’s also an avenue to increase their blog SEO.

I keep wondering why I received messages from blogs where I guest post that GOOGLE love blog with huge number of comments and I should reply to keep the conversation on the track, meaning that blog comment is also SEO oriented.

As a matter of fact, blog comment is an important part of wordpress SEO despite the fact that I am new to wordpress as at the time of writing this post, and that is why many are luring their blog visitors to endeavour to leave a comment after reading their post. I however believed that ability to convince our readers as a blogger to leave a comment on our blog after reading is a great move to improve our blog SEO.

But how do we make our blog comment improve over-time, persuading our readers to leave comment, ask about their thought about the post they have just read whether they agree or not, don’t despise negative view from your readers even if their  comments are despicable, you just have to believe that you have a specific target which is to increase your blog SEO through blog comment, since nobody is an island of knowledge, then you must always expect criticisms either now or then and some will also give kudos to you if they found your post interesting and worth reading which can bring about sharing your post on their respective walls.

To increase your blog SEO through comment, there is a need to have more comment often and what procedure can guarantee you huge number of comment? Following the steps below with increase your blog comment and will lead to boosting your blog SEO.

1. Attracting comments: The best way to have this done is by asking question at the end of your blog post, most often in the concluding part. You can just ask you readers what their views were about the post, do you agree or disagree with my view… questions like this will prompt your readers to share their mind with you but always expect negative comment as the saying… prepare for the worst and get the best since your targeting is to boost your blog SEO.

2.  Positive responds: As I have just said in the previous point, the tendency for a visitor to leave a negative comment is very high but don’t care, respond like a matured blogger even if you are a newbie webmaster, and admit your error by appealing for such mistake and make an attempt to know his/her view about the post and this will help you to fine-tune your future post and can even help you to even remix the post again, and anyone that agreed with you, give your two cent through respond and express your feeling toward s/he says as to increase your blog SEO.

3.  Answer questions: There is a tendency for a reader not to understand some concept about your writing skills, then endeavour to find answer to your readers question, ignoring your readers’ questions can be very bad and mar your blogging career, in fact, it is abysmal and if care is not taking, such visitors may not come back again and the best way to maintain blog SEO is to retain your blog visitors and doing this will increase your blog SEO

4. Reciprocate the favour: This is one of the reason why your first time reader may never come back if s/he is a blogger, if someone visit your blog and leave a comment, endeavour to do the same because s/he needs it as well to boost his/her blog SEO through comment. Acting on what type of comment s/he lives will reduce your blog relationship therefore try to leave a positive comment on any blog you visits and don’t leave a comment like a newbie such as very nice, good article, bookmarked, good post etc. however, leave the summary of what you have read and earn two cents of ego from the author of the blog visited.

Visiting someone’s blog earns you more respect by following this technique… And don’t forget that the higher your respect the more it likely to affect your blog backlinks as well as traffic and that is the whole lot about SEO… maximizing your blog traffic.

5. Visitors interest matters: This may not have huge effect on your SEO but half is better than none, you can try to reach out to your blog visitors using opt-in form beneath the blog comment whether to subscribe to the post next comment, though it may not attract more comment and as at the time of writing this post, I have not started that but working on that.

Your view: What do you thing about this post in increasing blog SEO through blog comment? I believe you are agreed with me that blog SEO can be boost with comment as Google love post with good number of comment which is also SEO oriented…

Adesanmi Adedotun is a part-time blogger who lives in Nigeria and Nigerian by birth, a chronic Mathematician as a profession. Am a typical fan of 9ice (Adigun Alapomeji) when it comes to Nigerian traditional singers. You can add me on Facebook . You can follow my UPDATE on Facebook | Twitter and on Google plus


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  1. Sep 20. 2013

    Nice, Recently i was searching something like this post. At last i got from your blog. This post really informative. Thanks for sharing this.
    moryom begum recently posted…My Profile

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  2. Sep 20. 2013

    Hi Ade,

    It may amaze you that over 60% of the visitors and backlinks I’ve got were as a result of commenting. It is sad that this very important element of SEO is taken for granted by webmasters these days.
    Thanks for your inputs.

    Terungwa recently posted…My Profile

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    • Adesanmi Adedotun

      Sep 21. 2013

      Hi Terungwa,

      Glad to here this buddy, atleast 60% is above average and you can do more to earn more bro, glad to have you around and do have a lovely weekend
      Adesanmi Adedotun recently posted…Time povertyMy Profile

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  3. Sep 20. 2013

    Hey Adesanmi, those are really good tips. I also agree that blog commenting can improve blog SEO especially if you post your comments on high traffic blogs that are frequently updated.

    Thnx for sharing this with the Blogger Community :)

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    • Adesanmi Adedotun

      Sep 21. 2013

      Hi Norene,

      Am happy to have you hear all the way from blogging community group on Facebook, blog comment is no doubt one of the best way to improve our blog SEO buddy, many don’t see reasons to it and thank God for this post. Effective implementation of blog comment boost blog SEO indeed!
      Adesanmi Adedotun recently posted…Changing is inevitable as a blogger My Profile

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  4. Sep 21. 2013

    I already knew the importance of comments. But the tips on how to attract comments was really helpful. It was a good read. I liked your facebook page and I’m looking forward to more such useful posts. :)
    Arun Kallarackal recently posted…My Profile

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    • Adesanmi Adedotun

      Sep 21. 2013

      Hi Arun,

      Thanks for liken for our fanpage, you can as well subscribe to our update so that you will not miss out single post will publish. Thanks for your comment and do have a lovely weekend.
      Adesanmi Adedotun recently posted…My blog backlinks trickMy Profile

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  5. Sep 21. 2013

    Hi Adesanmi,
    Blog commenting is an effective way to get targeted traffic and you can do achieve it by making attracting comments on other blogs.
    Muhammad saleem recently posted…My Profile

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  6. Sep 21. 2013

    Hi Ade
    Great post. A catchy call too action can prompt a reader to comment. To get more comments, the content must be appealing to the reader and the reader should be able to relate with the content. :)
    ologundudu abraham recently posted…My Profile

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  7. Sep 21. 2013

    Hi Adesanmi,

    I agree with you that blog comments can be a powerful way to not only improve your blog’s SEO. I think that a blog that gets comments will attract more visitors.

    I know that when I visit a blog, if it doesn’t have comments, then I really don’t spend a lot of time on it. I like to visit blogs that actually get readers. I don’t know how you feel but the blogs that are empty without comments just don’t really seem to attract me.

    Thanks for sharing these tips, I know that they will help anyone who is trying to improve their rankings on the search engines.
    Susan Velez recently posted…My Profile

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    • Adesanmi Adedotun

      Sep 24. 2013

      Hi Susan,

      This sometimes happens to me as well, when I visited a blog without any comment I got pissed off sometimes but I have to be different from previous visitors by reading through the article and contribute my own quota to motivates other visitors that the post worth it value.
      Adesanmi Adedotun recently posted…Are Your Blog Titles Costing Your Readers? My Profile

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  8. Sep 21. 2013

    Comment is the most powerful as of this time..and we all knew about the power of comment when it comes of seo.thanks bro.for sharing this brilliant articles, i love the way you write..keep sharing..
    Adrian Lucernas recently posted…My Profile

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    • Adesanmi Adedotun

      Sep 24. 2013

      Hi Adrian,

      The role a blog comment plays in way to successful blogging cannot be over-emphasized, and that is why it’s of great important for we bloggers to cultivate the habit of leaving a reasonable comment and not for the sake of building backlinks.
      Adesanmi Adedotun recently posted…How to block website URLsMy Profile

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  9. Sep 21. 2013

    great thought man i sill surely try this and get seo improved of my blog too..
    prince recently posted…My Profile

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  10. Sep 22. 2013

    I resd this article completely and learn, how increase website traffic throgh SEO tricks.
    Thanx to sharing this information..

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  11. Sep 22. 2013

    Hi Adesanmi,
    very informative post, increase seo through blog commenting is easy way. . . Yes, responding negative comment in a matured way is good. . Wonderful post,Thanks for sharing :)

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  12. Sep 23. 2013

    Hi Adesanmi,

    Blog commenting is what put my blog on the map. It’s what got me in front of enough people so they got curious about me and stopped by for a visit.

    By asking questions in your post and then responding to their comment with more questions, this can really help with the interaction continuing. Of course you’ll need to have something set up so that they’ll receive your response to their comment and know that you replied.

    My post tomorrow is on a somewhat similar topic and what Google thinks about blog commenting. I still believe it’s one of the best ways to get yourself in front of enough people so that they’ll want to visit your blog and we all know that the more traffic you receive the more Google will pay attention and that’s what all of us want.

    Another great share my friend so thank you for that. Now, enjoy your week.

    Adrienne recently posted…My Profile

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    • Adesanmi Adedotun

      Sep 24. 2013

      Madam Adrienne,

      When it comes to blog comment, you are my watchword, I was so much encouraged on how much you valued your blog comment, taking your time to responds to all comment, visits respective blog that visited your blog and leave a root link back to their blog, and this I have tried to exhibit but I was surprised to see the level of it importance on blog SEO.
      Adesanmi Adedotun recently posted…Off page SEO; What is off page SEOMy Profile

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  13. Sep 23. 2013

    I visit your website first time, but really i impressed a lot. No doubt that you are a good and successful blogger. Your all post are good, but i check few of them, which i prefer best.

    Your article is very information, I read your article completely and hope my website SEO will be improved soon. Thanks for sharing :)

    You are doing great work, keep it up !!

    All the best for your future :)
    Rahul Kundliya recently posted…My Profile

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  14. Sep 24. 2013

    Yes, this article is really helpful. I do accept you on many issues. Google considers comments as a part of keywords. A good comment may help you to get your rank better in search engines. I personally experienced in one of my post that. a keywords highlighted in search results that helped me boost my page in google. Later checked for the keyword located and found it in comment section, commented by one our visitor. So good commenting always helps. Thanks for sharing … Keep going. Happy Blogging
    Tharun recently posted…My Profile

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  15. Sep 27. 2013

    Hi, Adesamnmi,
    Nice to see you with this wonderful post. This very interesting and I love it. :)
    Yes, I am agree with your points, blog commenting can help us in SEO. It also helps us interacting with people with their view. Commenting and building relation in blogging gives us lots of sharing of our article on social media. You have mentioned it very well.:)

    Now, Coming to the SEO points of view, After Google’s personalized search it becomes very necessary as Google is giving value to the relation on social networks. So, through commenting, we build relation and as well as good SEO.
    Thank You for sharing nice post.
    Have a great week. :)
    Kumar Chandan recently posted…My Profile

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    • Adesanmi Adedotun

      Sep 27. 2013

      Hi Kumar,

      Commenting on other blogs have more than enough benefits in which SEO is one of the crucial parts and I believed everybody need it to rank high in search engine. Thanks for your contribution buddy

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