How to copy files and folders on Windows 8

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The new Windows 8 in coupled with many feature far ahead of the previous version of the windows, but recovering or restoring backup files and folders in this Windows might be some how difficult, the windows in-built Native file history tool can be functional in this section. The ultimate function of this tool is to auto backup all files and folders,
and make them available when the need arise or when anything goes wrong with the system and it is a “RECOMMENDATION” even outside the view of this tutorial to fully backed up system for the sake of system faulty at any time so that valuable data will not be lost at the later end.

But, this history native tool malfunctions many times, and bring about inability to copy either files or folder from the backup and at the same time, it might be telling you that the system file history fails but with tutorial am about sharing with you, you will be able at your indoor to rectify the problem of Windows 8 files history fails.

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Step1:  Make sure your backup device have enough spaces for the files and folders needed to be backed up.

Step2: To make sure this procedure work properly, copy very little number of file to verify the workability of the file and if it works, meaning the system file history is functioning properly.

Note: The system backs up the following: SkyDrive (Default), Contacts, Pictures, etc.

Step3: Hopefully by now, you must have checked the available spaces in you drive? And if the space is not enough, keenly format it or delete some files before moving any data to it.

Step4: After everything, connect your backup drive or device to available PC to verify whether your backing up is ok or not.

NOTE: Though this procedure can be refer to as troubleshooting but it works perfectly for me and do take note that the procedure might take some time before coping the whole files and folders

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