How to change blog authors’ name

06 How to change blog authors name

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Many times some bloggers don’t know what to write about and scrapping content from others is not in their style, so they often find it difficult to publish often on their blog for the sake of no quality content at hand or trying to harness their quality content together before publishing for the sake of uniqueness which is often one of the main goal of all bloggers even before blog seo.

But am telling you, that you can still have some quality content from your formal blog post or by just playing around with your blog.


Just this afternoon when I returned from work, I was so tired to make research was like ehhhh, and I decided to have a fun with my blog rearrange the widget, probably I can put something I don’t like in order and I mistakenly view my blog source and I discovered my name is used as the post author and guess what I discovered, I discovered how to change blog author’s name to what pleases me.


During this course of this article/tutorial, I will share with you how I finally change my name as the publishing author on my blog.

Step 1: First right-click on your blog homepage to view the blog source page page and press CTRL F on your keyboard and search for your NAME on the blog page source.

Reason for step 1 above: Blog page source is clearer than the blog template itself

Step 2:  Login to blogger account and click on template, and then click EDIT below the template.

Step 3: Note that, you have searched for your name in the blog page source, then back to step 2, on the template EDIT interface press CTRL F and type your name or better still scroll down the template gently and keenly search for where you name is as the author and most time it’s embedded in the blog meta tag.

Step 4: Erase the name and replace it with your desire blog author name, see my mine below

FINAL WORD: Following this step strictly you will be able to rename your blog author to what your heart desires most especially for those that hate showing their name as the blog author.

NOTE :Always backup your template before altering it.

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