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Contact form is one of the best way to strengthen the relationship between a blog reader and the author whether on personal helps,  questions, request, corrects, suggestions and all the like. All  blogger need  to create concrete relationship between themselves and their blogger readers outside blog comment, and the only way to have it done is by adding contact form to their b.

Although there are many ways to add contact form to blogger blog using third part by adding HTML code to the template or to the template page, but to God be the glory, blogger platform has made adding contact form to blogger an easy task without the help of third part html code by introducing blogger contact widget.

Blogger platform has officially launched their official contact form to blogger widget there by making it easy to add blog contact form to blogger in a very few steps.
To add blogger contact form to your blog, keenly follow the simple steps below
Step1: Login to your blogger dashboard and click on template layout


Step2: Click on add widget in the desire area you want you contact form to appear or click add widget in any area of the template layout and later drag it to desire place.]

Step3: On the interface that open after clicking add widget from step 3 above, click  on MORE WIDGET and select CONTACT FORM  in the widget that open next, you can decide to add title or better still don’t add title.


Step4: Now, drag and drop the added CONTACT FORM to a desire place in the template layout and click on SAVE ARRANGEMENT and then view your blog to see how it looks.

Congratulation, you have successfully add blogger contact form to your blog.


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