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Hey mate, welcome to Adetechblog hire me page where things will be done completely on your behalf when you take just that bold step if you want to hit the milestone on the internet like other bloggers.

But wait! Do you believe I’m a mathematician? Oh, you just get that right? And that simply means I’m not a grammarian, I can write using mathematical terms instead of writing in English but my writing skill is okay and very close to average if not far above average.

Why Should You Hire Me?

This may likely be what is bubbling via you mind but there are more than necessary reasons why you should hire me. When you take that bold step to hire me, I’ll be at your service for the following service.

Hire Me For The Follow Services

WordPress Blog Setup


Ghost Writer

Link Building

SEO Service

Social Media Integration

Affiliate Marketing

Make Money Online

WordPress Setup Service

Do you need exactly what I have here on my blog or something better which is a matter of choice? I bet it, you will get it done in couple of hours when you hire me.

I will set up a WordPress blog for you with both premium theme and plugin of your choice, unbreakable security guide and a SEO friendly blog to boost your search engine traffic.

You needs not to bother yourself about the look-like blogging terms as I can handle that on my own, just hire me and all you will be left with will be to start publishing your unique and quality content on the go.

Hire Me For Just $120

Ghost Writer

Do you love my writing skill and the trending niche am flourishing  in? I can personally extend the service to your end when you take a bold step to let me do that for you.

I can write for you to publish on your blog and /or write and publish it here on my blog link to your blog.

As well, I can write for you and publish it on your own blog as a ghost writer when you hire me as a ghost writer on your blog.

Link Building

Do you want to increase you ranking on search engine? It’s like hobby for me when it comes to raking on Google page for a keyword and link building, I will channel 7, 8, 9, and 10 PageRank website backlinks to your blog without guest blogging and blog comment and help you to submit your blog to over 15oo bookmarking website while you are fast asleep and probably snoring while enjoying my service.

Contact me below via EMAIL to hire me