Half full rather than half empty

Half full rather than an half empty Half full rather than half emptyThis headline will either sound so funny to you or attract your attention as to whether what is contained in it. Don’t forget I once discuss that blogging is full of negative experience which turned-out to be one of the most interested topic on this blog and some other related topic on time poverty and how to manage our blog successfully as a blogger., you are just seeing this again that a “half-full rather than half-empty” will either be meaningless or bring something into your memory which you never can tell as an ordinary blogger except you are an extra-ordinary blogger.

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It’s indeed that you don’t really need to see it as ‘half-empty but half-full” and you may want to know as to whether how this relates to blogging? But scared not; just keep reading and leave a comment in the comment section about what you read and what your conclusion is all about by seeing your achievement as half full rather than half empty at the end of this post.

What are there things that you don’t need to see half-empty but half-full?

1. Earning: Gosh! It is not a day dream earning huge amount of money that can be used to pays some bill offline. Making money online is not an easy task but it is an achievable dream. Many solely depend on publishing quality article always to make both ends meet in blog-o-sphere, while some dash into affiliated marketing, sponsor post, selling their own products like eBooks, apps, etcetera that pay-off the bill but I must tell you, not matter what you make from those money making strategy you found yourself, you will still remain an Oliver twist who never satisfy.

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Seeing you earning as half-full will empowered you to do more and you will definitely increase you earning and if however; your earning was not encouraging in the time best, quit not if you are planning to become a successful blogger.

2. Exposure: No matter how influential you are as an internet marketer or blogger, you’ll always want more (Oliver twist exposure again). As a blogger, we believed guest blogging and blog comment bring about exposure but never can we satisfy with what the level of exposures are (Oliver twist again) as a blogger or internet marketer. Some great bloggers like John Chow, Matt Cutts, Neil earn six digit $$$ every month yet they are not satisfied but they see that they are moving closer to their dream and that is the more reason they were able to put more effort to make sure the always increase their monthly earning because they see their achievement from the beginning as half-full rather than half-empty.

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3. Traffic: Reveal to me you website visitor and I will predict your possible earning per day / per month and roughly per 1year, funny right? This is to tell you that top blogger and internet marketers still want more of this but despite the fact that they want more of this; they don’t play with their unique visitor and loyal subscriber when they as well build up more team to increase their blog traffic. Working earnestly to boost your blog traffic without considering the negative experience, the hits by Google panda and penguin on your blog is what differentiate you from ordinary blogger but an extra-ordinary blogger.

4. Social Media follower: Justine Bieber has the highest twitter follower as at the time of writing this post leading Barack Obama with millions of follower yet never satisfy. So also bloggers and internet marketers, no matter how many like we have on our fan page, on a single post; we always dream to have even more just to reach the internet world the more, meanwhile we never pray for single unlike from the existing fan while we work hard to earn more fan and followers in order to increase our online reputation as a blogger and been reckoned with as a successful blogger rather than being jeered by our competitors.

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Conclusion: As a blogger, we have different reasoning ability but we have the same dream, blogging journey is not as smooth as many sees it but rough is the road that leads to internet success. Believe in your dream and plan properly to set an achievable goal that can be reckoned with as to always see you achievement as half-full rather than half-empty.

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Adesanmi Adedotun is a part-time blogger who lives in Nigeria and Nigerian by birth, a chronic Mathematician as a profession. Am a typical fan of 9ice (Adigun Alapomeji) when it comes to Nigerian traditional singers. You can add me on Facebook . You can follow my UPDATE on Facebook | Twitter and on Google plus


20 Responses to “Half full rather than half empty”

  1. Nov 10. 2013


    Nice post indeed! yeah the title sounds funny but the post kinda informative, earning is the main thing which made us motivated towards blogging.

    Rahul recently posted…My Profile

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  2. Nov 10. 2013

    You Dugged it out mate :)

    This reminds me of my Economics days, we are never satisfied, the higer we get what we want the higher our hunger for more wants. It’s just like from learning to crawl to learning to walk, some are going to wish for learning to fly and even if they got what they wished for, they might want to learn how to teleport too. The fact is we’re never satisfied no matter the extent we’ve travelled.
    Gilbert Samuel recently posted…My Profile

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  3. Nov 11. 2013

    These are the essence of blogging and without them then you have clearly failed as a blogger. Human needs and want are insatiable so no amount of these can ever satisfy man as the more you get the more you want to get.
    Desmond Nwosu recently posted…My Profile

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  4. Nov 11. 2013

    same here. sustaining a blog is much more difficult than creating a blog. oh my i do not want to share my traffic since my traffic is not that huge. :(

    thanks for sharing this article and keep posting
    marilyn cada recently posted…My Profile

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  5. Nov 11. 2013

    The charge of this post is that we should stay positive at all times and work to improve on any situation.
    Ps: Justine Beiber no longer have the largest followers. :)
    ologundudu abraham recently posted…My Profile

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  6. Nov 11. 2013

    Hey Dotun,

    What an interesting post this and I’m so delighted to have been able to read this this hot and boring afternoon. Wow! The headline just as you predicted is kinda funny and at the same time catchy enough to make me click through and see if something I’d like to read or not. And men….I enjoyed reading it indeed.

    After all said and done, Dotun, truth is that as human beings we are insatiable. We can never ne satisfied, or can we? No!

    Thanks for sharing this great post, buddy! Keep it coming please. :)

    Sam Adeyinka recently posted…My Profile

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  7. Nov 11. 2013

    Hahaha! Hust like Oliver Twist, we still want more. Does the sea rain refuse the rain because it already has enough? I guess not but I think what this post is trying to tell us is to try and see things from positive perspectives.

    Thanks a lot Ade for this lovely post!
    Emmanuel recently posted…My Profile

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  8. Nov 12. 2013

    This post is thought provoking as usual…funny that we all have the Oliver Twist tendency!

    - Terungwa
    Akaahan T.P recently posted…My Profile

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  9. Nov 12. 2013

    Great post. Help in disappointment. Thanks….
    Abhishek Abh-i recently posted…My Profile

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  10. Nov 13. 2013

    Good article guys.

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  11. Nov 14. 2013

    Hi Adesanmi,

    You’re so right, no matter how much traffic we get we always want more. Getting a blog started is easy, it’s the upkeep and the maintaining it that seems the be the hardest part.

    Great story and I love how you tied it in with Oliver Twist. Have a great day.
    Susan Velez recently posted…My Profile

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  12. Nov 14. 2013


    Nice post as usual, Well yes you are right we should not see earnings as half full and half empty. We must be happy with what we have earned and work hard for next things.

    Sohail recently posted…My Profile

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  13. Nov 16. 2013

    By hook or by crook, you made me chuckle. I agree too that is is still fine to be “Half full rather than half empty” Well, the list you have is quite interesting but then informative and I can consider it as an eye-opener to those marketers.
    I can say that if you will refrain from blogging, the time will come that you’ll be flourishing too just like the ProBloggers and Savvy writers. You must have the passion and zeal to make it through.

    I found this post shared on Kingged.com, the Internet marketing social networking site, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.

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  14. Nov 16. 2013

    [Some thing batter than Nothing] Optimist nature in life always provide relax in life. Thanks for sharing common thoughts which are capable to inspire…

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  15. Nov 17. 2013

    Hello Adesanmi,
    That is absolutely right! Most times we try to see the half empty cup not half full. We have to push yourself to next level other wise we will be pushed back by nature. Very good post Adesanmi. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!
    Boby Thomas recently posted…My Profile

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  16. Nov 17. 2013

    Regular efforts with positive thoughts are best helpful to achieve The targeted Goal……Very Nice thinking to see Half full is rather than Half empty

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  17. Nov 18. 2013

    I wish i understand you properly, but i remember the adage= i will go for half full anytime. lol.
    on a brighter note. your earnings should satisfy you even if it is not enough….
    frank joseph recently posted…My Profile

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  18. Nov 22. 2013

    Yes, I am looking it always positive way that is half full. your post is very nice. but earning something is much important dosent matter small or big.
    Vasant Sakpal recently posted…My Profile

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  19. Nov 22. 2013

    Hey Adesanmi,

    It’s not only with people who succeed, it’s with every one, every one wants more. If i get half full of the things you’ve listed my lust will grow. Well, i think it is necessary to see it in the positive way, if you see it half empty then you will get frustrated. Seeing it half full is a better option. It helps you to grow more :)

    Siraj Wahid recently posted…My Profile

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  20. Nov 22. 2013

    Today’s real plight is that creating blog is damn easy but sustaining and being successful in blogging became equal to conquer Mt. Everest!

    However, I agree with you, perspective makes much difference on your inspiration. Rather than counting what you could not achieve, if you care what you got from blogging, you never need to be disappointed and quit blogging.
    Suresh Khanal recently posted…My Profile

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