Flashing a ROM: How to Flash a Rom to Your Android

Flashing a ROM to your Android device is of no benefit when you don’t root your Android device but it more advisable to know everything about rooting your Android device before making a move to either root it or not. Despite the fact that Android users sees it as a great device that is so versatile and very easy to customize, yet they feel rejected when they are carrying along old of their device OS. However, the purpose of this post is to teach you how to flash a ROM on Your Android.

Flash a rom to your Android device Flashing a ROM: How to Flash a Rom to Your Android

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Firstly, what is ROM all about? ROM is simply a modified version of Android that makes it very possible for you to change your device OS when not pleased with the current one or when battling with old stock of your device OS. Just like updating your device apps so also is flashing a ROM on your Android, Flashing your device ROM can bring into your device door-step an upgrade that is not yet made available for your device since it has been modified and bring additional features to your Android.

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If you are damn familiar with different Windows on PC, you will understand that the type of Windows you run on your PC depend on the interest and priority on the Windows. You can decide to upgrade you Windows 7 starter to Windows 7 premium, still windows 7 though, but with different look and more pleasing features, so also is flashing a ROM to your Android.
There are different types of ROM available out there but it all depends on what your desire goes for and the love to have on your device. We can hardly desired same thing out of concrete agreement, so since chance are that for you to hate what I love, you can check out the ROM that pleases you before we continue when you intend flashing a ROM on your Android.
Flashing a ROM to your Android will only take for simple steps and can be achieved with some minutes if steps are properly followed.
Step1: Unlock Your Device Bootloader and Flash a Custom Recovery: It’s advisable to root your device before flashing a ROM on it, although it not compulsory but to be able to enjoy your device to the fullest, you can afford to root it. Flashing a custom ROM on your Android device only have to do with unlocking your device bootloader (The lowest software that necessitate the running of codes on your Android) and flash your device custom recovery.
NOTE: Do not forget that, unlocking your device bootloader will wipe away your device and without rooting your device, this cannot be single-handedly done.
Step2: Back-Up Your Device: If you still have some valuable datum, and apps that you will not like to lost during or after the flashing, it’s advisable to back it up so that they can be as well useful after you might have flashed the ROM on your device.
Step3: Download Your Desired ROM: There are quite a large number of ROMs on the internet, so before anything, you need to find your desired ROM and once found, download it and save it on your Device which must be in a zip for format
The steps below guide you through how to flash your device ROM and I believe you have your ROM downloaded already.

i. Reboot or Restart your Android into recovering mode (Since we are making use of recovery mode and most importantly flashing a ROM)
ii. Navigate to recovery section on your device memory card and select install.
iii. Search for the downloaded file and select it.
iv. Wait for a while for the process to complete and the selection.

Note: If you are flashing another ROM different from the initial one or the one on your device, it’s advisable to do factory reset to clear off all datum on your device but don’t forget to back your device up.
Great, you are almost done with flashing your device ROM but it’s supposed to be four simple steps not three; however, you can proceed to the last steps.

Step4: Download Google app and Flash: It’s crystal clear that Google is not an open source app so it will be very difficult for custom ROM to be able to handle it unlike the popular Gmail. So just head to Google Play store and browse for the desired ZIP file download it to your device and install it as we did in the previous step.

Once the above step is done successfully, your device should be filled with new and great look with a custom ROM of your desire.

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