File Sharing Using WI-FI Direct on Android

Do you find it very difficult to share large file or video on your Android using Bluetooth? Definitely, your responds must be yes! Sharing file with hundreds of Megabytes can be so stressful and disheartening. Many times, when sharing large file over Bluetooth, there is always a disconnection.

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Let be sincere with ourselves, how easy is it to transfer video worth 300MB via Bluetooth? It is not damn easy, and in fact it is indeed deserve some pity when I see some people suffering themselves doing for this.

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But, since the launch of smartphone, sharing of large file is as easy as remembering the name of my blog while dreaming with the help of my Android WI-FI.  File sharing Using Wi-Fi direct on Android is very easy and enjoyable, it makes sharing of files very easy, full of fun, and without wasting mush time unlike Bluetooth.

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In this post, I will share with you step-by-step procedure on how to transfer files worth 1Gigabytes or more on your smartphone using your phone wireless (WI-FI) direct.

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1. The first step is to enable your smartphone WI-FI on both devices following this direction (Settings–>Wi-Fi (on/enable)), click on the “on” icon.

File sharing using wifi 13 File Sharing Using WI FI Direct on Android

Now, visit Google store and download “FLASHSHARE” and install in on both smartphone.

After successful installation, click “connect” with friend and try to create connection while the other user will “scan to join” connection.

Next, navigate to file, click on file location on the files you want to share with other smartphone user.

File sharing using wifi 21 File Sharing Using WI FI Direct on Android

Next, the number of files you can select is not limited; just select as many as possible files depending on the memory storage of the recipient device.

 Shake your own device and the file will be shared automatically in less than one minutes.

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