Everything You Need to Know Before Rooting Your Android

We all fall in love with our Android phone because of what we can do with it, but rooting it will make the love grow like the grass planted by the water side. Rooting your Android gives you more powerful control over some part of your Android which were protected by the manufacturer. There are lots of benefits associated with rooting your Android phone such as using a desire theme, Installing lovable windows, giving your Android a new look, speeding up your Android, able to customize your Android, ability to use third parties apps.

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Is Rooting My Android Legal?

Yes!, Gone are those days where rooting your Android is but exception from   now make it legal except for some Tablets device.

What is Rooting All About?

Gone are those days where people sees rooting as illegal but now it’s legal for some device except for some Tablets device. Before you can understand what rooting is all about, you need to know that you Android device have a root. However, rooting can be described as giving your Android device root permission. We are familiar with Administration control on PC, so also is rooting on your Android so that users will be able to perform some additional function on their Android phone thereafter like scanning pdf file, reading pdf files and lot more.

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We have more than enough Android devices outside there, which required different method of rooting and since we are not discussing how to root our Android, we will not discuss much about it.

What You Need To Know Before Rooting Your Android

Going into rooting your Android without making yourself familiar with some terms you are likely to come across may be destructive enough because once your rooted device got bricked, you may not be able to enjoy it further or may stop function or power on as the case may be. Below are some relevant terms you need to know before rooting your Android.

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KERNEL: Kernel is simply a go-between that makes communications possible between your device software and hardware. A custom kernel helps in reducing the way your device battery life got drained and sometimes add more features to your Android.

ROM: A ROM on Android is an integral part of your device that has been modified. Many features are associated with ROM such as speeding up your devices and bring any latest update to your device when it’s not yet made available for your device.

BRICK: The word brick simply means break in rooting world. Brick means getting your Android broken when not properly flashed. To a lay man, brick is when your rooted device stop functioning and that is referred to as broken (You device is break).

ROOT: Root means giving your Android a root access to be able to enjoy some restricted features and functions. Rooting your Android take two forms; by using super-user or flashing your device ROM.

BOOTLOADER: Starting your Android OS, bootloader is the necessary and lowest software needed to run codes on your device. Some bootloaders on Android cannot be root as they came locked.

BACKUP: The very first thing that must be done before rooting your Android is backing up your datum in case your device got bricked or stops functioning. Using your device back-up may not properly backed up your device, however it’s advisable to make use of third parties app like NANDROID that will back up everything on your Android including your device images, music,  messages, apps, contact etc…

Having this at the back of your mind will enables you to decide whether you are going to root your Android or not, but after rooting your Android, there is one great risk, personal risk though that is associated with your Android and that is nothing but void your Android Warranty.

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