Etisalat Data Plan and Subscription Codes

Etisalat is one of the major leaders of GSM network provider in Nigeria, and some part of diverse community in Africa. Etisalat get people connected around Africa, Etisalat the Nigeria fourth GSM operator. Etisalat came into Nigeria as far back as 2008 with over 14 Million subscribers as at this time. Talking about mobile operator in the world, Etisalat is the 15th largest mobile network operator in the whole world with over 135 million customers. As a matter of sincerity, Etisalat is the best choice for most internet user when it comes to internet broadband connection. Below are the recent Etisalat service, package, subscription code, opt code and Etisalat remark. Getting to know the entire Etisalat data plan is very important for Etisalat subscribers. There are numerous numbers of Etisalat data plan for different tariff and for different data bundle. With this post, all Etisalat data plan will be unleashed. This post will reveal Etisalat Bundle Plans and Codes in a short while. The post will offer you the following”Etisalat Bundle Plans and Codes, Etisalat Mobile Internet plan, Etisalat prepaid data package, etisalat daily data subscription, Etisalat data plan bundles”

Etisalat Data Plan,Etisalat Bundle Plans and Codes and Subscription Codes

Below are the current Etisalat Bundle Plans and Codes for Etisalat subscribers. The below codes for Etisalat bundle plans and codes ranges from daily subscription to monthly subscription

Daily Plan - Data: 10MB   24hrs     Cost: N100     Code: *229*3*1#

  •     Weekly Plan   – Data: 50MB      7days     Cost: N400     Code: *229*3*4#
  •     Night Plan         8pm-6am          30days  Cost: N4000    Code: *229*3*3#
  •     Monthly Plan -  Data: 200MB    30days  Cost: N1000   Code: *229*2*1#
  •     Monthly Plan -  Data: 500MB    30days  Cost: N2000   Code: *229*2*2#
  •     Monthly Plan    Data: 1.5GB      30days  Cost: N4000    Code: *229*2*4#
  •     Monthly Plan    Data: 3GB         30days  Cost: N6500    Code: *229*2*3#
  •     Monthly Plan    Data: 6GB         30days  Cost: N8000    Code: *229*2*5#
  •     Monthly Plan    Data: 10GB       30days  Cost: N10000 Code: *229*4*1#
  •     Monthly Plan    Data: 15GB       30days  Cost: N15000 Code: *229*4*2#
  •     Monthly Plan    Data: 20GB       30days  Cost: N18000 Code: *229*4*3#

Etisalat Data Plan and Etisalat Bundle plans and Codes For Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) Weekly:

Below codes are the current Etisalat bundle plans and codes for Blackberry users.

  •     Blackberry Social Plan                   Cost: 400    Activation Code: *499*2*1#
  •     BlackBerry Complete                     Cost: 500    Activation Code: *499*3*1#
  •     Blackberry Internet Service            Cost: 1000  Activation Code: *499*6#

Etisalat Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) Monthly:

  •     Blackberry Social Plan                    Cost: 1300  Activation Code: *499*2#
  •     BlackBerry Complete                      Cost: 1500  Activation Code: *499*3#
  •     Blackberry Internet Service             Cost: 3000  Activation Code: *499*1#

Check your data balance - *228# and send.

Stop or Cancel data plan – Text STOP to 229 or dial *229*0#

More valuable products of Etisalat could be found at their official website:

Service Package Subscription Code Opt Out Code Remarks
Reciever Pays All packages N/A N/A Initiator: Dial 26808xxxxxxxx
Recipient: Press 1 to accept, or 2 to reject.
Talk & Share Easycliq N/A N/A Initiator: Dial 27408xxxxxxxx
Recipient: Press 1 to accept, or 2 to reject.
Homezone subscription Easy Starter *202*1# OR send ON to 202 *202*2# OR send OFF to 202 To select current location, dial *242# or call 242 and follow the voice prompt.
*202# OR send HELP to 202 to query status
You & Me Easy Starter N/A N/A To add a number, dial *233*1*PhoneNumber#
To remove the number, dial *233*2*PhoneNumber#
To Query, dial *233#
Easylife 1 Easy Starter & EasyCliq *220*1# *220*2# Dial *220# to query subscription status.
Easylife 2 Easy Starter & EasyCliq *320*1# *320*2# Dial *320# to query subscription status.
Easylife 3 Easy Starter & EasyCliq *420*1# *420*2# Dial *420# to query subscription status.
Super HomeZone Easy Starter & EasyCliq N/A *210*2#
Cliq 4 the day EasyCliq *330*1# OR send ON to 330 *330*2# OR send OFF to 330 *330# OR send HELP to 330 to query status
Community Identifier  EasyCliq N/A N/A Dail 27308xxxxxxxx
Last Call Enquiry Enuf Yarn+ N/A N/A Dial *2685# to get information about the last call.
Daily Fee Notification Enuf Yarn+ *2684*1# *2684*2#
Double Your Recharge Easystarter & Easycliq *356*1# or
‘ON’ to 356
*356*2# or
‘OFF’ to 356
For more information. Send ‘info’ to 356
Migration Easy Starter, Easycliq, Easybusiness & Talkzone N/A N/A Call 244 and follow the prompt. OR Dial
*244*1# – EasyCliq
*244*2# – Easy Starter
*244*8# – Talkzone
*244*3# – Status
For Easy Business Dial
*246*4*1# – Premium
*246*4*2# – Complete
*246*4*3# – Compact

If you have not tried Etisalat for once, I guess you have to give it a trial and compare it with other network in Nigeria. Do you know any other Etisalat Bundle Plans and Codes that is not included in the list above? Kindly let us know for update.

Verdict: You have learnt “”Etisalat Bundle Plans and Codes, Etisalat Mobile Internet plan, Etisalat prepaid data package, etisalat daily data subscription, Etisalat data plan bundles”so far and feel free to share the post with your friend if you enjoy the post.

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