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By | September 28, 2014

Are you really driving traffic to your blog without SEO and social  medias such as Facebook , Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and the likes? Understanding basic SEO is the only way to drive real traffic from search engine and quality engagement on social networks can as well drive traffic to your but majorly, Google traffic or better still, search traffic is what we are vying for, without traffic, there is definitely not going to be a conversion and once there is no conversion, what essence have it, why you are blogging?

Understanding how to drive traffic to your blog is just like understanding the relevance of money when there is a problem. Money doesn’t solve problems but intelligent does, so also is driving traffic to your blog without using or understanding what SEO is all about, either ON-page or OFF-page SEO!

What really differentiates an expert from amateur in terms of traffic is that expert does not put all their traffic eggs into a basket rather they choose to channelize it via various source.

The analogy of blog traffic is as simple as telling you to start digging when you found yourself in a hole but not for gold rather for your escape route.

If you sincerely wanted to drive traffic to your blog without SEO knowledge and the use of social media, then you are on the right post. And all what you need doing is to take immediate action after reading this post.

First and foremost, put it at the back of your mind that traffic with quality engagement is what brings about conversion and not just traffic that only brings about hundreds of thousands pageviews without engagement. If however, you have chosen to source for alternative means of traffic instead of depending solely on search traffic and social media,then let head straight to the business of the day.

Drive Traffic To Your Blog Without SEO and Social Media

In this post, I will be introducing you to a platform that is quite different from all other platforms  you have been using which in turns send targeted visitors to  your blog.

What other source can bring forth reasonable amount of traffic to my blog without with SEO knowledge or social media? Is this what you are really thinking? If yes, then Broadednet has what it takes to help you put an ends to the so called traffic struggle you are battling with.

What is broadednet?

Broadednet is platform own and created by Enstine Muki of with the sole aim of looking for an alternative means to help you bring traffic to your blog without SEO knowledge.

One good thing you need to know is that; there is no harm in having more than one means of traffic source; Broadednet is the only way to have that done with just a single click.

How Does BroadedNet Works?

Broadednet took a new phase when compared with some other platform. On some other platform where you share your post and get refer traffic but on Broadednet, reverse is the case. While on this platform; you will not only have traffic from the one source rather from all other bloggers in your chosen category.

Let take for instance, you are a tech blogger and in tech category on Broadednet, there are 25 bloggers, then all your post on broadednet will appear on their blog widget as a new post/feature post/ post I read and the like. So, assuming you do have three visitors from each site, that makes it 75 visitors per day, coupled with the total number of visitors coming from search engine, that will not only tentatively double your traffic but bring more exposure and double your chance of making more money

How Do I Get Started On Broadednet?

Using broadednet is damn very easy, even a dummy can make use of it most especially for blogger on WordPress. The infographic below gives you the hint on how to get started in just three steps.


After the steps above, follow the steps below to finally activate broadednet on your blog for maximum traffic.

1. On your WordPress dashboard, click on plugins and search for “Broadednet” and install it on your blog.

2. Navigate back to your blog widget, and drag and drop broadednet widget to you widget.

3. Copy and paste you account API key which can be found on your account dashboard on broadednet to the API position on the plugin to activate your account.

4. There, you are good to go to start creating a campaign and you are good to go!

This simple method of using broadednet will give you a edge ahead of your competitor in terms of traffic and exposure!

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