Download and Install iOS 8 to your iPhone or iPad

Are you dying of how to download and Install iOS 8 to your iPhone or iPad which was launched early June this year for almost free? As a matter of excitement, Apple released a beta version of iOS 8 flagship on the 2nd June this year at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WDC).

Before the date of this release, everywhere was full of the rumour about iOS 8 beta version update which Apple product users cannot afford to wait for, and now that it has been finally released, the next action should be how to download and Install iOS 8 to your iPhone or iPad beta version for free or at a very cheap rate.

So, are you curious on how to get the update on your device now and /or how to download and Install iOS 8 to your iPhone or iPad. Don’t give yourself a bunch of stress; following this guide you will be able to download and Install iOS 8 to your iPhone or iPad as you may well need it.

Before you start doing anything at all, it’s advisable to back up your device so that if invariably you could not get the steps once, you will be able to restore your datum so that you will not lose so much data. Beta version doesn’t signified full version rather, it means it is still subjected to improvement which could still have some bugs which may be needed to get fixed later.

Further, for those who are developers, you can just head straight to  and download a copy of the beta version once logged in.

For the fact that, we can not all be an expert or developer for one reason or the other while some could not afford the developer fee yet they would love to download and Install iOS 8 to your iPhone or iPad.

And now,the question that bugs my heart is why would you have to pay this fee when you can easily download the beta version of the update without even having a developer account. The only exact requirement you need to download this beta version is a developer slots which only a developer can get for you since they have more than single access to the slot.

This simply means that every developer can register as many account as possible even up to hundred (100) slots, so if you get any developer version, you can easily download and Install iOS 8 to your iPhone or iPad as per the so said beta version.

Some people would tell you to update your iOS to beta version 8 need coding, the information is tentatively wrong and I would not admit to that fact. Instead of learning coding before you can download and Install iOS 8 to your iPhone or iPad, you only need unique device identifier UDID for you device.

Now that you are not an iOS developer and you want to download and Install iOS 8 to your iPhone or iPad, you only need to take a step further to to get a developer slot. The developer fee cost $99 on a normal day but this is what you can easily get at the rate of $5 or $6 on UDID site. You may be thinking on how you would be able to identify you device UDID. Anyway, that is not a problem, all you need to do is just connect your device to your PC via USB and open your iTunes. From there, navigate to Apple (iPhone) page and hit the serial number to reveal you UDID number.

Once you get your UDID number, head straight to UDID website to register with your device UDID number and then wait for a confirmation on your mail for maximum of $6 instead of $99.

Once you received a confirmation message, you then need to connect your device to you PC via USB cable and launch your iTunes. Now, when you get to the iTunes, download iOS beta for your iDevice. Now, on the iTunes, click on the restore button to quickly upgrade to iOS 8 beta.

For Mac users, press alt/option when you are to click on restore button and for Windows users, press shift button. Note that the downloaded file will have .ipsw extension, then locate the file and run it to finish your iOS beta 8 version installation. Now you have successfully downloaded and Installed iOS 8 to your iPhone or iPad

Would My Phone Compatible With iOS Beta 8 Version

This solely depend on your iDevice as this won’t work on all iDevices for now but don’t know after now but as of the time of publishing this post, the following iDevice does not compatible with iOS 8 beta version; iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G and iPhone, iPhone 4, while the iOS beta 8 version compatible with iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5c.

What Can I Do With My Old iPhone

Since your old iDevices might not be compatible with this update, at least you could easily get whirled and want to dash it out for the fact that you could not download and Install iOS 8 to your iPhone or iPad but instead of that, you can still sell the device for a better price to get a compatible device by adding some extra catch. If however, you are interested in selling your old iDevice online, the below post on where you can sell your iDevices online might interest you.

Sell You Old iDevice Online For a Better Price

Top Sites To Sell Your Old iDevices Onlne

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